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Given that over ninety nine percent of the body consists of just six elements, it is hard to imagine the human body as an intricately synchronised and immensely complex machine.

Yet, it has done well to puzzle even the brightest minds in history-but I am drawn to a challenge; I cannot think of anything else more fascinating to work with.

Since young, my natural addiction to ask the key question in science: “Why?” helped my scientific knowledge to flourish. My broad affinity in science covers psychology, natural history and chemistry, and this year, I have undertaken a degree module with the Open University-“Life in the Oceans”, which demands a more vigorous self studying regime.

However, my main fascination lies in the human anatomy; it never fails to astonish me just how much is inside, from the extensive nervous system to the minute glands in the endocrine system. Anatomy books and documentaries such as ‘A History of Surgery’ provide a good but limited insight into this topic.

Growing up also saw my personal qualities mature and strengthen under the good influence of my close relatives. My adaptability and problem solving skills have been pushed to their limits when my family moved country twice in five years; it was a daunting challenge for any child. I was kept afloat by my affability and resilience in a war against language and cultural barriers.

Learning to appreciate diversity and cultural differences also taught me to be a compassionate young adult, which in turn, only amplified my aspiration to become a doctor. I am acutely aware that taking on medicine equates to a life-long learning experience, both intellectually and on a personal level, but this only inevitably makes it more irresistible than ever for an inquisitive mind like mine.

In order to deepen my understanding into what medicine entails, I attended Medlink. For the first time, I began to appreciate the less glamorous demands of being a doctor, but I was not fazed. I later arranged work experience in a local hospice.

In addition to improving my communication skills-the significance of which was very apparent in the hospice-the patients revealed to me the high level of trust they placed in the staff. It was valuable to my understanding but nevertheless distressing to learn that not even the ocean of knowledge that we currently have could cure those palliative patients in the hospice.

The importance of empathy became clear after this realization. Through further work experience in a community hospital, I experienced the breadth of the medical field through working in a diversity of departments from shadowing neurologists to profiling.

More recently, whilst working in the eye clinic of a hospital, ophthalmologists around the county came to present their case studies in a seasonal conference-which I found especially appealing, as it demonstrated the creativity in the different approaches to treating patients.

These work experiences along with others later on, including care home visits, confirmed my chosen career choice.

Outside study, I compete for the A-squad of my tennis club, which has been beneficial to my personal and physical qualities, as it requires intense fitness and fast mental strategic planning whilst under pressure. I am also currently working towards grade eight in piano. Like tennis, it brings the inevitable periodic frustration, but the reward of performing for concerts is worth much more.

I have also enjoyed team working on D of E Gold award; the creative thinking and leadership skills needed for prefect and house captain duties; volunteering at Oxfam; plus taking part and winning awards in a handful of maths and chemistry challenges.

All the experiences thus far and my personal qualities have led me to believe that I have the capacity to confront the emotional and academic challenges, but furthermore, to truly enjoy this uniquely gratifying career that is medicine, whilst being an active and sociable member of the community.

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Medicine at Cambridge University


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What do you mean ".."? Doesn

What do you mean ".."? Doesn't mean anything to me. :S

oh yeah, even though I'm not an applicant anymore. Please still rate and comment.

Hi, this is a really good

Hi, this is a really good personal statement. I particularly like the opening.

What did you get for you BMAT and UKCAT?

My gosh, that looked

My gosh, that looked wonderful, till now I thought mine was good, but oboy, that just destroyed m PS

what grades did you achieve

what grades did you achieve for AS and A2?

You have a great talent for

You have a great talent for writing. How has medicine at Cambridge transpired? Is it what you were expecting?

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