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Medicine for me is a unique profession in that it does not discriminate in its universality of application. It has therefore captivated me as a challenging field of continuous learning that allows me to explore my love of science in a way that is beneficial to humanity.

I enjoyed my AS biology module 'lungs and ventilation' and being asthmatic myself, I developed a curiosity for the cause of asthma. Through reading around this topic I found that asthma is a multi-factorial condition that can be prevented through the avoidance of triggers, such as pollen and dust. There is currently no cure for asthma, although relievers are available.

There are many conditions that have no available medications; but they are not the only option of treatment.

To broaden my understanding of medicine I have completed several work experiences. The most memorable being, shadowing paediatricians for a week at Wellington Way health centre and helping out at Beatrice Tate School. I observed many clinical assessments where I learnt to appreciate the importance of understanding between doctors, patients and their relatives.

During one assessment I witnessed a father become defensive and unwilling to accept the diagnosis of his child, through adequate explanation, care and consideration his anxieties were alleviated.

My experience at Beatrice Tate School is one that will stay with me for a long time. I was given the opportunity to temporarily look after a six-year-old disabled girl; despite it being challenging I managed to keep her entertained and engaged in play activities.

It was rewarding to see her smile and interacting with me, which taught me that, patients should be treated and referred to as people not medical conditions.

During my placements I learnt the concept of respite care and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Although it is important to work hard and strive to learn new things to perfect your profession, it should not prevent developing hobbies, interests and relationships.

Pursuing my hobby of perfecting my video and photo-editing skills, is also important for my photography course.

I also attend the gym twice a week to maintain my health and fitness. I have participated in organising various charity events including a sponsored walk to Gladstone Park in December 2006 to raise money for the charity 'water for life'. It was a long uphill walk on a cold day people became tired and dispirited.

Using my initiative I encouraged and motivated those who were lagging behind to keep up with those ahead until the course was completed.

Volunteering at the school library where I organize and laminate expensive books has allowed me to build on fine motor skills.

Through offering classroom support in year9 science lessons I have enhanced my ability to simplify complex material. Baby-sitting children as young as 3 months old for family and friends has allowed me to become more tolerant and able to put the needs of others before my own.

Through my work experiences and extracurricular activities I feel that I have demonstrated the skills and qualities necessary for a career in medicine.

Although I am aware of the hard work required for studying and practising medicine, I believe it is continuously stimulating and immensely rewarding. It provides the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment enshrouded in a high moral position.

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This personal statement was written by nhassan for application in 2009.

nhassan's Comments

After about 10 very different personal statements I came up with this lemme know wt u fink plz


This personal statement is unrated


I think it's quite good, but

I think it's quite good, but IMO you should include a bit more evidence of teamwork. Have you got in anywhere yet?

Mr J

Heavily cliched paragraph which stands very very far from original.
Don't teach me about asthma, give me your personal thoughts on the subject instead.
The part of the father had a lot of potential, you should have elaborated MORE on that and shown me your thoughts, I was really hoping you would but you never.
The rest of your work experience is discussed in a shallow manner, not good.
Such a Big paragraph on extracurriculars and you never even licked it once to medicine, this becomes a waste of space.
Weak conclusion.

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