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Prevention is better and not just cheaper than cure. I learnt this, when the dentist that handled my cousin's dental surgery told me that the surgery would have never been an alternative if only my cousin had avoided too much of sugary things especially chocolates.

I never really would have witnessed such grave consequence associated with refusing to practice preventive measures at such a tender age of ten. Seeking for more practical encounter with that word, prevention, my interest in humanity rose and that pushed me into the world of science.

I majored in science back in my secondary school days and I went further to bargain a Bachelors degree in Applied Biochemistry as a prelude to achieving my desired ambition.

Eager to talk to people about the consequences of not being preventive coupled with my passion to render selfless service to humanity, I volunteered to be trained as an HIV/AIDS awareness facilitator during my NYSC programme under the NYSC/HIV/AIDS awareness peer educator/facilitator workshop.

That enabled me to counsel people about the prevention of HIV/AIDS and the benefits of staying healthy.

I was opportuned to work as an independent supervisor for the Poliomyelitis Immunization programme organized by the World Health Organization in Katsina State of Nigeria.

The experience and exposure I got enlightened me more about the number six point of the MDGs eight point agenda of the vision 2020 which is “to reachout to the remote areas of Nigeria in the prevention and proper management of deadly diseases”.

After critical thinking and proper analysis on how to contribute towards achieving this vision and effecting a drastic positive change in the health system of Nigeria, I decided that advance knowledge and a career in public health with a focus on behavioral science/health education will better position me for the task ahead.

Upon my return to my country as one of those striving to prevent and improve the health of the population of Nigeria, I hope to be well equiped to tackle critical health related questions, such as: What if people lived healthier and need not take drugs? What if we lived in a less polluted environment? What will the health system of my country look like if everybody is adequately and constantly loaded with knowledge about diseases, their causes and prevention, and so many other questions?

With a career in public health, I hope to satisfy that inner passion of rendering selfless service to humanity; and at the same time, achieve my career vision of seeing the quality of health care delivery in my country especially in the underdeveloped and developing communities rise far above average by the next decade.

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This personal statement was written by aguchinyere for application in 2000.

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