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The human body is a very remarkable thing. Astrid Alauda once said "Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one". There is no truer fact in life, I appreciate this so much I always do my best to look after myself and I want to be able to do the same for others.

Two years ago when I saw a family member lying on the hospital bed with an oxygen mask over her face I felt hopeless and scared. The fragility of the human condition swept over me. I realised at this point, not only the enormous responsibility of medicine, but of the ability of the doctor to play their part and deliver their knowledge with compassion and professionalism. My desire to become a doctor stems largely from this event.

Chemistry was my favourite subject at A level as it was the most challenging subject I studied. I had to be a conscientious student to succeed and this spurred me on to work to the best of my abilities. I found physics most interesting, as it explored so many diverse scientific areas which boggled the mind and kept my attention throughout.

I thoroughly enjoyed mathematics as I feel I am a natural mathematician, having a logical mind. I have taken part annually in the Leeds maths challenge and achieved a silver award and 2 bronze awards. Within school I have also taken part in a student assistant programme, helping the teacher in P.E lessons which I believe gave me leadership qualities.

The two weeks I have spent shadowing my local GP has developed my insight into the profession and range of patient conditions. It was apparent that a doctor deals with more than ailments and cures, a personal dimension of empathy and compassion is a foundation of good medical practice.

It has been an absorbing experience and has compounded my interest in the field. I was present whilst the doctor performed minor operations, routine medical checks and consultations across the age range, from infants to the elderly.

The natural diversity of a doctor's client base has encouraged me to broaden my experience. I therefore help the physically disabled students in the Enhanced Resource Base at my school and will also be starting as a volunteer at a local Nursing Home.

This will afford me with vital communication skills and give me experience in patient care. I have arranged for a HOSPEX course later in the year which will involve theatre, out-patient clinics and ward work, with an opportunity to liaise with junior doctors and medical students.

I have also applied to become a hospital porter so that I may get a feel of the hospital environment and an appreciation of the day to day running of different wards and departments.

Effective communication skills are vital for the doctor as an integral part of the community. My time at the courier company DHL has strengthened my confidence when dealing with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in a variety of customer service situations.

I function well in busy environments, under pressure and to deadlines. I am also able to speak fluent Cantonese and a Chinese regional dialect, which gives me more opportunity to speak to people in their own language.

I stay active and regularly attend the gym and play both tennis and football, which helps me to manage stress and boosts my confidence. Doctors require good fitness both physically and mentally and staying active is an important requirement.

Hospital doctors and GPs are faced with new challenges each and every day, but strength of character and a sound medical grounding are the cornerstones of informed practice.

It is the challenge, gratification and satisfaction of being a doctor which inspires me. An opportunity to develop the core values and adapt them to the dynamic profession of medicine is my ultimate goal.

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This personal statement was written by zidza for application in 2008.


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This is a real good personal

This is a real good personal statement.

excellent personal statement,

excellent personal statement, i thought the quote was also a very good touch


hiya i think your ps is amazing
qoute also has a good effect
can you plz tel me if u got in2 2 uni and if yes which 1s did u get offers frm? :)
thnx 4 ur help

Amazing PS

I love it and sorry but I used some of your PS

samnick 20, that was a risky

samnick 20, that was a risky move cos these things are checked diligently for any plagiarism and a document as accessible as this will be known about by admissions tutors.

your PS is incredible though and has inspired me some, did you end up getting any offers/interviews?


hi, i would like to take up a

hi, i would like to take up a career as a doctor and i was wondering, when and how did you get to work in hospital/help GP?

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