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Medical science is a field that I find fascinating. Studying the intricate mechanisms that integrate to produce biological processes, and the consequences that arise when these mechanisms are impaired truly captivates me.

I am confident that I have developed a good understanding of the subject, as evidenced by the first class Biomedical Sciences degree I have obtained from [X] University, plus the three prizes I was awarded for my achievements in this degree, including the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Northern Region Prize for attaining the highest mark in level 3 of the course.

I am now determined to embark upon a career in medicine, a career that would allow me to continuously use and critically appraise medical science in order to positively impact on people's lives.

I am eager to continue working with people in a caring setting and this is key to my enthusiasm to work as a doctor. Since June 2008 I have been employed part time as a carer to a young man who suffers with schizophrenia and cerebral palsy, giving me responsibilities to both his physical and social care.

It has been a new experience for me to face the challenges of his social care that arise due to his schizophrenia, such as helping to allay irrational anxieties he develops about his safety when out in public.

I am however confident that I am successful with his care, which is aided by the excellent relationship I have developed with him, and I find the work to be highly rewarding. It is extremely gratifying to be able to observe the positive impact care assistance has on his quality of life.

In addition to this work, I have also recently interviewed with the independent healthcare staff provider [X], and subsequently completed a training course in providing complex care for individuals with spinal injuries. I am excited that I will soon be able to begin work with clients of [X], and to be able to continue in a line of work that I have thoroughly enjoyed in the past.

To gain further insight into a career in medicine and the hospital as a workplace, I have spent time shadowing a consultant rheumatologist. I was able to observe ward rounds and consultations with people suffering from osteoporosis, to meet patients with cardiovascular disease and listen to cardiac irregularities through a stethoscope.

I was also involved in a physiotherapy session for outpatients who had suffered injuries from falls. I greatly appreciated the variety of hospital activities I witnessed, and the opportunity to talk with a consultant and ask questions about their career, and I found the experience to be thoroughly interesting and informative.

Further to this, I have volunteered on a stroke ward at my local hospital, which allowed me to observe work that is carried out on wards. I enjoyed having the opportunity to engage with patients in a hospital setting, and it was enlightening to see first-hand the wide-ranging consequences of cerebrovascular disease.

In my leisure time, I enjoy cycling as a means of keeping fit and I frequently cycle along parts of the coast-to-coast Trans Pennine Trail.

At university I played badminton with my college and visited the campus gym on a regular basis, and I am now keen to follow this up at home.

I also took advantage of the 'languages for all' initiative at university and completed an extra-curricular beginner's course in Mandarin Chinese, which I am eager to continue to learn. I am currently following up my passion for music by teaching myself to play the acoustic guitar, which I am finding highly engaging.

Although I understand that a career in medicine would present many challenges, I am extremely enthusiastic about the prospect of training to become a doctor and have been strongly encouraged by my work as a carer and my hospital work experience.

I am excited about the idea of working in such a dynamic career, and would welcome the lifelong learning of medical science that a career as a doctor would warrant.

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This personal statement was written by DP for application in 2011.

DP's Comments

Pretty happy with how this statement turned out. 3 of the 4 universities I applied to interviewed me- the one that didn't rejected me solely on account of the UKCAT test.


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