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My fascination with the world of medicine started after studying early medicine in Latin lessons.

Learning about the work of the anatomist Galen and his discoveries, such as the ability of arteries to carry blood, demonstrated that a career in medicine provides me with an exciting and challenging profession that continues to build on these early developments, whether that be through technology or the heightening emphasis on patient-centred care.

As well as appealing to my inquisitive nature and interest in science, the caring and empathetic attributes required for the profession make it one that is deeply rewarding, despite the challenges and pressures on doctors within the current health service.

At the Debate Chamber Medical Summer School, I gained a greater understanding of taking patient histories and the ICE framework that provides for the best patient care. Work experience at a GP’s practice enabled me to see this framework in practice. I was struck by one patient who had been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder and intimated that he was going to kill somebody.

This complex situation forced the GP to make a decision as to whether she should fulfil his expectations and prescribe medication that would suppress his aggression, or break patient confidentiality and inform the police.

This particular case caused me to reflect on the difficult nature of medical ethics and inspired my EPQ on the subject, exploring how a lack of NHS funding is potentially implicating doctors in the argument that they are “playing god”, deciding who should and should not be prioritised for transplants.

A contrasting experience was provided whilst shadowing a surgeon. After watching and learning some of the skills required to perform two lumpectomies and the explant of a burst silicon implant, I went to Histopathology to explore the scientific realities of prognosis and diagnosis.

The dissection of a breast removed by mastectomy represented to me both the devastating human impact of diseases such as cancer and, at the same time, the incredible work that doctors and pre-operative counselling nurses do to provide patients with the best quality healthcare and guidance.

Observing consultants delivering bad news brought home the challenging realities of the job. This newfound interest in oncology led me to completing the University of Glasgow’s ‘Cancer in the 21st Century’ FutureLearn course, developing my knowledge of the genomic revolution and epigenetics in my spare time.

For the last year, I have worked in Henry’s Cafe. The cafe employs young people with learning difficulties. Whilst having to cater to the needs of our customers, I also support the other employees, helping them gain valuable life skills in order to support their own growing independence.

I am also a ‘buddy’ to a 12 year old autistic child through the charity ‘Friends For Leisure’. I take her to safe social spaces and provide her with social interaction that would otherwise be absent. Through this I have developed a greater sense of responsibility and also learned how to communicate through what can sometimes be a challenging barrier, and begin to understand how she sees the world around her.

In school, I act as a peer tutor, member of the Student Management Team and TEDx committee with responsibilities including organising sixth form events, representing the school on open days and presenting assemblies to the lower school.

Throughout high school I was vice captain of the hockey team, competing for the U16 team and 1st XI in regional and national competitions, providing a balance with my academic studies, and helping to develop skills of teamwork and resilience.

I have not taken the decision to study medicine lightly. I am fully aware of the sacrifices that come with the medical vocation. However, I am excited to pursue a career that is both challenging and extremely rewarding and allows me to take advantage of my love of science and empathetic nature.

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I ended up with AAB and an A* in my EPQ so just missed out on going to Med school. I hope my PS can help someone struggling for inspiration.

I received interviews at:
St Andrews

I accepted an offer from Manchester.

Just a tip for those who aren't confident that they will get the AAA required - apply to Liverpool or Hull-York as they are more lenient :)


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