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My true passion lies in helping others in a safe and effective way with the use of innovative pharmaceutical medicines. I have become inspired by my personal ambition of becoming a Pharmacist as I aspire to improve people’s daily lives.

I am extremely looking forward to embarking upon my life-long learning career in Pharmacy and I will strive towards my goal by engaging in activities which will benefit me in Higher Education. I am currently volunteering at Tesco’s Pharmacy, which I believe will enable me to gain an invaluable firsthand knowledge about useful medicines.

I believe that the subjects that I have studied at A Level, these being French, Human Biology, English Literature and Psychology have allowed me to pick up a variety of key skills which would be beneficial in the future. For example, I have acquired essay writing skills; am able to competently analyse and synthesise information, and I have also gained invaluable interpersonal and communication skills combined with an ability to work as part of a team. I am confident that these skills will compliment my chosen career. I enjoy the application of scientific and mathematical philosophies to interpret and produce helpful information regarding medicines, and hope that I can transfer my passion for these subjects onto my permanent career.

I have completed my Duke of Edinburgh silver award which involved my personal dedication to various activities including voluntary work at a children’s youth club which I was committed to for a whole year, physical activities, such as trampolining and a camping expedition. I found this all extremely enjoyable as it required me to be assertive in communicating ideas and participating fully with disparate and needy people. Although at times, these activities were physically strenuous, I have been able to apply the same level of dedication and commitment to other aspects of day to day life. I have also annually carried out voluntary work at kids clubs and summer sports clubs, as a “rookie”, which has enhanced my social interaction skills. For my work experience at high school, I worked for one week at Solihull Magistrates Court, shadowing barristers and observing the complexities and difficult situations of many individuals.

Throughout high school, I received a range of certificates for attendance, determination and reception skills and was nominated to be a school prefect, a peer mentor and part of the yearbook committee. I was also a member of the school council and have received awards for extracurricular activities, which include swimming, cycling and taking part in many music concerts playing the clarinet in the school band. Outside of school, I was employed as a papergirl for three years and I regularly covered absent workers rounds and offered to take on early morning rounds to help my employer. I also worked as a babysitter which enhanced my commercial knowledge and helped me to empathise with others and adopt a caring role. I feel I am a dedicated and motivated person who relates well with others and appreciates the need to actively engage in the opportunities provided to me. These transferrable skills have impacted on my attitude towards academia and I respect the need for lifelong learning and realise that education allows an individual to not only succeed on a personal level, but also enables communication and appreciation of disparate societies.

As part of my college enrichment programme, I worked as a volunteer for Oxfam. This role helped me to gain key skills, including interaction with customers, catering for their needs, ensuring stock levels were replenished, creating visually attractive displays and ensuring my employers had trust and confidence in my abilities to keep the customer satisfied and to promote the charitable nature of the job. My employments and responsibilities as a papergirl, baby sitter, charity worker, and now a cashier and assistant at a fast food outlet and also a large retail store, have all helped me to gain a mature insight in to the business world albeit on a small scale.

In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, reading novels and cooking. I also regularly like to go out cycling with friends and family and enjoy travelling and meeting people of different cultures. I enjoy listening to music, going to the cinema and socialising with my friends.

I have found that the variety of experiences that I have gained have helped me to become confident, self-motivated and an enthusiastic individual who is not only result driven but also aware of the need to adopt a holistic approach towards all situations. I feel I have a wide breadth of skills which will stand me in good stead throughout my university experience and I am looking forward to commencing the next stage in my academic life. I have a great determination to succeed in my ultimate goal, and would like to face the challenges of university life head on.

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This personal statement was written by fifib92 for application in 2000.

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I have already sent this personal statement for start in September 2011.
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Hi, your personal statement

Hi, your personal statement is excellent. which universities have you applied for? all the best, hope u get many offers


It seemed good then I saw what A levels you have taken. Surely you can't do pharmacy without chemistry? Or is this for a foundation course? If so then it's a good statement..

Pharmacy without Chemistry???

Pharmacy without Chemistry?????

This personal statement is

This personal statement is over the 600 word limit. The end will be cut out when you apply through UCAS!

so sad

you've been writing all the comments yourself lololololol

I swear you need 2 sciences

I swear you need 2 sciences to apply for pharmacy including chemistry

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