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Failing to secure a place in medical school at 18 prompted an agonising period of self-doubt and confusion. I was forced to step back, reflect, and inevitably question the logic behind my childhood fascination. Why medicine?

I now know that my less privileged socioeconomic origins triggered within me the gestation of many deep-rooted traits.

Various poignant hardships-ranging from the impacts of alcoholism to time spent in foster care-amplified my devotion to succeed, and augmented my depth of compassion towards people of all backgrounds.

Having an acute perception of other people's suffering led me to realise my innate altruistic tendencies: I cared more for other people's welfare than my own.

Striving for a career that embraced these virtues subliminally enticed me towards medicine. Entwined with this progressive ambition came the birth of a profound scientific curiosity.

I delved into anatomy and physiology books. Indeed, I recall imaginative games such as 'operating' on 3D bodies I had created, simulating blood with my mother's lipstick and adding flesh using her best red curtains! The combination of these personal and intellectual talents set my focus on medicine.

To solidify my decision to study medicine I have gained 6 months volunteer experience in the NHS.

This provides me with a valuable outlook of hospital life, which can be unglamorous and stressful, yet infinitely gratifying. Close scrutiny of clinical practise illuminates my main attractions towards this career.

The investigative diagnostics process is very appealing, as it fuels my hunger to learn the scientific basis of medicine.

A multidisciplinary career like medicine also commands significant engagement with various clinical specialists and managers. Moreover, communication is vital to a doctor's career; adaptation of body language and vocal dynamics are key to earning a patient's trust and explaining complex information. It is also intriguing that patients routinely trust doctors with their lives. I would be immensely proud to share this bond.

A negative aspect has been observing the occasional lack of respect afforded to some elderly patients.

To improve this, I worked with ward managers such that volunteers now habitually encourage numerous therapeutic activities to assist the recovery period.

Also, I shadowed a radiologist for 3 months, further enriching my ambitions. It was eye-opening to see how the consultant juggled dozens of tasks. I shall heed his advice, and hone my diplomatic skills to excel in the NHS.

For 3 years I have worked part-time as a bingo caller to crowds exceeding 500. Customer interaction, calm authority and the ability to thrive amid diverse people are vital tools that I shall bring to medical school.

My degree equips me with a competitive skill set that bears strong correlation to a plethora of medical applications.

I boast cutting-edge experience in a field soon to be the epicentre of medical innovation-tissue engineering. I attained 1st place as leader of an engineering design group, using problem solving skills to explore tasks and devise unique solutions.

My 3rd year lab-based project exemplified the need for time management via efficient prioritisation, and my current 4th year venture requires critical evaluation of existing literature and proficient group organisation. Personally, I unwind through a love of reading and playing piano.

Further, I am presently training for the London Marathon, which demands sustained concentration and exceptional resilience. These qualities provide a firm basis to build upon at graduate medical school.

I have the gift of incredible empathy. This translates into a lifelong drive to relieve suffering and restore people to normality. I cannot envisage any greater satisfaction.

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This personal statement was written by ex04112 for application in 2008.

ex04112's Comments

UPDATE: interviews with Barts and Warwick. Other 2 are rejections. pretty goodgoing i think!!! my UKCAT was 627 avg.RUBBISH! my statement did something! read it!
i applied for all GEP entries at Barts, GKT, Soton and Warwick.
(seriously had to grapple with some strong principles of mine in terms of whether or not to include such perosnal information about my background. i take a more patient-focused and internal approach. hope it dont sound like i got a chip on my shoulder ...)wel. i got in anyway, 2 interviews and 2 offers for GEP courses, the most competetive (less than 5% success rate!). ME SO HAPPY!!!


Statement rating:****

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well i think this has given

well i think this has given me an idea on how to write my own personal statement however it has given me a deep down feeling that you always have to be curious on what you want to do. thanks a lot

dont get what the last

dont get what the last comment means? is it a good comment?


The language is a little flowery for a simple person like me, but it is very good, way better than mine. Good luck with uni!

Have you done the BMAT and

Have you done the BMAT and UKCAT?
How was it?

How do you register for BMAT?

as i put in my comments on

as i put in my comments on the side of the page, i only scored 627 average in the UKCAT (this was the only test i did). as a graduate, this is particularly low. i hate those kind of tests. i'm not stupid, i scored a 1st in my degree, but i think my statement pulled it for me. Certain scools value your personality before your brains anyway

by far the best statement i

by far the best statement i have read!
congratulations on the offers :)

Why does everyone think there

Why does everyone think there is HEAVY EMPHASIS on the UKCAT?

The UKCAT is extremely contraversial (read BMJ).

I'm suprised if any university totally base their decision on the quartile of your UKCAT score.

An average of 600+ is respectful. It shouldn't deter ANYONE. It does not really reflect any academic or social skills and IN my opinion, I think it's useless.

Universities only considor UKCAT scores if you are borderline (i.e. Average A-levels or Highers and a mediocre personal statement.)

You have lots of experience,

You have lots of experience, no wonder you got in.

I mean, come on, so much detailed work experience and activities.


i gwt what you're saying (person not God!) about the UKCAT. it is rightly controvertial. however, it is widely relied upon by many medical schools - especially for graduate entry where the competition s ridiculously high. Why? Simple: how else do you pick between 50 people competing for 1 place when they all have 4 As, amazing statements and work exp, very good interview scores and references? I actually know that many admissions tutors dont like using it, but they must be seen to be fair, not just 'picking out of the hat' like the 'old days'! So, the UKCAT is important as it happens, and 600 is not gonna cut it for many institutions. Even barts asked for an average of around 680 for 08/09 entry ( got away with lower cos i applied internally!). My friends were rejected point blank cos the scores were too low. Kings rejected me for that very reason also.
So Kids, DO WELL IN THE UKCAT! 700 or more and you're laughing. Sorry...
Just started my time at Barts and i'm loving it. Makes it all worth it.
GOOD LUCK. I really mean that!

got 590 score in UKCAT

Have I got any hope for Medicine?

well, if you applying for

well, if you applying for graduate entry then quite simply i would say that wont do for most institutions. but think tactically - there are some places like southampton that dont ocnsider your score (well, their cu off is so low its negligable...least it was last year you'd best check). also, places out of london occassionally use the UKCAT much less prominently - i know Bristol, for example, dont prioritise it that much. do some research, find out these facts, an apply there. dont waste an appication on the likes of imperial, kings, oxford etc. even for undergraduate entry. on that note, if you are applying for the 5 year course, then i think you might just get away with a lower score (but i'm guessing not that low for most places...its impossible generally to call up and ask for their cutoff. they wont tell you).

at worst, give it a bash. what have you got to lose? get your statement, experience and reference (and also academic grades) tip top and you're in with a fighting chance.

GOOD LUCK. keep us posted

How can you do well on the

How can you do well on the UKCAT? You can only practise to a certain extent afterall! It's quite sad really: some people are clearly suited to be great doctors (personality and grades-wise) but are rejected based on that test!

I like your statement by the way. Very brooding etc...mine was similar, but my tutor told me to cheer it up a bit!

gripping PS!

what do you mean you applied internally? I REALLLY wnt to do med but i only got 605 in the ukcat :( hate those tests.


you can pracise for the UKCAT, no matter what they say. do about 2-3 hours every week when your mind is fresh, then up your game closer to the test day (2 hours every 2 days maybe). buy those books with practise questions in them. or find out a website with practise questions on them. do your research, you'll be able to track down some practise Qs somehow (even if it is slightly ilegal!). its important like i've said above to do well in the UKCAT and thwe standards will rise evry year as people get better at the test. you'll need about 650ish for 5 yr course and 700ish for GEP course to be moe or less guaranteed an interview. that applies especially to london unis and oxbridge. dont quote me its a friendly estimate!

yes i applied internally, from Queen Mary UL as they have links to the medical school (Barts). i still got an offer from Warwick so i wouldn't quite say i got in through the back door. Internal applicants can knock off about 40 marks from required UKCAT score (not that much!).

so its nearly time for application submission! how are you all getting on? i have so much work to do but i feel i need to give back the help i was given so generously last year. oh, and 3 weeks in i've just had my first major exam (as well as around 10 practicals, OSCEs, presentations and essays!!!). Thats what you're in for.


if everyone likes my statement why haven't you given me any STARS!!! I WANT STARS DAMMIT!!!! lol


wiked p.stat.. n here'z ya starz lol

i am in exactly the same

i am in exactly the same position in terms of background.
Did you find it more of a help or a hinderance by mentioning it on your personal statement? I am unsure as to whether to include it, as I am worried some universities may be put off by the prospect of an applicant who is going to require a lot of financial support

Your personal statement is truly inspiring. Thankyou.

This is the best statment I

This is the best statment I have read! Well done and all the best for the future.

I really didn't like this

I really didn't like this personal statement. it just sounded like you used a thesaurus all the way through to make it sound extremely smart.

this is by far the best ever

this is by far the best ever i love your composition of words and the posh vocab Dude! i would like to half as intellectual as you sound, that'' get me far in life! well done you totally deserve it! xoxo

I think you went a little

I think you went a little overboard with the thesaurus


Believe me, practising for the UKCAT really helps....

First of all, you need to familiarise yourself with the layout of the questions, so you know what to expect on the actual test day...

Secondly, you need to work out the tricks about how to maximise the number of marks you get (e.g. for QR only answering short qns and flag long ones to go back to - or eliminating options so that the probability of you getting the right answer increases etc)

Don't go on any expensive courses, but definately buy a practice book or two (or borrow them from the library) because it wil really help...

I got 705 av. - which was helped mainly by practice

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