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I decided on medicine as a career at the age of eight and as the years have passed my determination has not faultered.

The trigger was reading a book about Florence Nightingale while I was still in my primary school. The passionate way in which Florence Nightingale cared for sick and wounded soldiers including provision of life-saving medical help inspired me.

I realised that the full potential of my personal aptitudes of caring, compassion, empathy and being a good listener can be best utilised through a career in medicine. Furthermore, as a science based person, I have always been intrigued by the working of the human body: I wish to study this further.

My attendances at medlink and spaceship conferences and regular interactions with practising doctors and medical students have given me a valuable insight into the challenging, demanding and satisfying role of a doctor. Medlink provided the opportunity to participate in practical sessions with a focus on cardiology and ophthalmology.

Simulated clinical scenarios during this workshop introduced skills of analysing patients' symptoms, making a diagnosis and formulating subsequent treatment plan.

To gain further real life experience in medicine I shadowed an orthopaedic surgeon in NHS Scotland. Very quickly I realised the importance of effective communication between professionals to ensure the comfort, safety and appropriate treatment of patients.

Furthermore, I observed eight live surgeries including three keyhole procedures which I found very interesting. By shadowing a consultant anaesthetist, I discovered the cooperative teamwork is essential for successful surgical procedures. In the wards and clinics, I welcomed the chance to speak with junior doctors to share ambitions and listen to their experiences.

During a voluntary work placement in an elderly assessment and rehabilitation ward, I appreciated how a holistic approach towards the patient can make a difference. I have been a close observer of communications between professionals involved in the patient's care and how their relationship evolved over time.

In addition I am a befriender in Cornerstone Community Centre where I have grown to understand the problems faced by different patient groups and how illness or disability can affect them and their families.

I have completed a first aid course which has given me valuable clinical skills to deal with emergency situations. A one week placement in a pharmacy allowed me to find out about current drugs and the meticulous dispensing procedure.

Working for Oxfam and Chest and Stroke Scotland as part of the Duke of Edinburgh and Millennium Volunteer Awards schemes have brought me into contact with people from all different backgrounds and culture.

These jobs have further developed my intra-personal skills, frequently I have to take the initiative, problems solve and multi-task whilst dealing with demanding and sometimes unsatisfied customers. I have the ability to think lucidly and make decisions.

In my school I attend an in-class support group, which involves communicating with young children. I enjoy observing their gradual cognitive development. I also participate in the Young Enterprise competition which sharpened my communication, team work, evaluation and decision-making skills.

I have a range of hobbies that help me to relax and enjoy free time. These include listening to music, playing chess and to keep fit I swim regularly and play badminton. Also I am proficient in Tamil my first language, in addition to the English language.

My aspirations for a career in medicine and love for science are reflected in my academic achievements. My commitment, diligence, motivation and belief in my abilities makes me an ideal candidate for medicine. I look forward to starting a career in my desired subject and university life.

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Mr J

You had lots of materials on which you could have worked but instead you just listed it.
For example you watched 8 surgeries, ok, what did you learn? what did you think? TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK
Anyone can say I did this and I gained this. However the best students will say HOW they gained this, they WILL give you an example.
The conclusion was weak as with most students while the opening paragraph had potential. However it needed polishing and using ":" is NOT good, very informal


Im thankful for the blog.Thanks Again.

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