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I have always been intrigued by science and its workings in the world. My fascination of how the human body functions has led me to appreciate the complexity of physiological anatomy and the tremendous skill required by a doctor. This is one of my lead reasons for choosing to commit to a career in medicine.

My interest in science is reflected in my choice of A-level courses. Studying Chemistry and Biology has broadened my understanding and knowledge of the miracle that is the human body and has only succeeded in driving my determination forward, towards my final goal of becoming a doctor.

Psychology, as well as being one of my significant interests, has enabled me to view science from an alternative angle as well as fuel my fascination of the workings of the brain.

I also feel I have gained vital logistical skills from studying Maths in my AS year, which I feel are essential for the journey through medical school and indeed, in future years while progressing through the medical career.

In an attempt to advance my understanding of the way in which a hospital operates, I undertook a week long work shadowing exercise at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary alongside a consultant responsible for Medicine for the Elderly.

A particular experience that caught my attention was on the Stroke Rehabilitation ward, learning of the patients’ anguish and frustration while being unable to partake in usual daily activities, then on my final day witnessing a familiar patient being discharged thanks to the aid of medicine and the expertise of the doctors involved.

This was a superb placement as I was able to witness first hand the kind of skills needed to sustain a career in medicine and gain the familiarity of patient contact. In addition to this I underwent a week long work experience course at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.

On this occasion I spent time in Surgical and ENT Outpatients and Operating Theatre, which I found extremely fascinating, as well as being able to accompany a variety of consults on their ward rounds. This, combined with my experience shadowing a Health Visitor, made clearly visible the enormous effect a family’s social difficulties can have on a child’s upbringing.

In my role as a volunteer at Barnsley Hospital Outpatients Department, I am primarily responsible for escorting patients to their appropriate clinics. This I find extremely enjoyable as it allows time to chat with a variety of patients, develop my skills in team working and expand my understanding of the way a large hospital runs.

Outside of my academic studies, one of my key interests is swimming, which has led me to be a keen member of the Borough of Barnsley Swimming Club for the past eight years.

This has presented me with a number of opportunities such as competing at Northern County level, as well as numerous organisational challenges, for example, helping to run our biannual competition meets at Sheffield’s International Pool.

I feel they have greatly improved my communication skills as I am constantly in contact with members of the public attending the event, also my team working skills, both of which are essential to a career in medicine.

I have also taken the opportunity to gain numerous extra-curricular qualifications and awards, such as the IT Business Professional and Business Presentation award, both of which I have achieved at Level 1.

With these I have improved my IT skills which are essential in the age that we live in. Also, at college I am finding time to complete the Extended Project Qualification focusing on Joseph Lister’s discovery of antiseptic.

I understand the medical career presents many challenges, both emotionally and physically in an ever changing industry.

The experiences I have gained from visiting hospital environments have offered me a glimpse into the real world of medicine and has lead me to believe I have the necessary skills required and would be a useful addition to the medical profession.

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