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For me, a career in medicine is the perfect opportunity to stimulate my mind in a fascinating field in which I am highly motivated to succeed.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to be able to combine my caring personality with the practical aspects of the subject, and so have a major impact on people's lives. The prospect of life-long learning in a subject for which I have such an affinity excites me.

I thoroughly enjoy studying A-level Biology and Chemistry and my intellectual curiosity ensures I stay well ahead of the syllabus.

For example, I was recently intrigued by an article on developments in cancer treatment, discussing how antibodies can be engineered to bind to specific antigens on the surface of cancer cells, allowing attached drugs to be delivered directly to tumours, and was inspired to do further research.

More inspiration to choose medicine came from participating in the Access to Medicine Course at King's College London and attending lectures given by top practitioners. A lecture on Cardiac Diseases was particularly relevant as my father suffers from angina and this prompted me to do further research into the subject.

My commitment to study medicine was reinforced by a work experience placement at Princess Royal University Hospital in Orpington, which provided a valuable perspective on the challenges of the profession. As I spent time in the A&E department shadowing the doctors in minors, majors and resuscitation, I gained valuable insight into the roles of both junior doctors and senior consultants.

As well as helping me to appreciate the emotional and physical stresses doctors are faced with daily, I saw the rewards of being able to have such a significant impact on patients' lives. As I witnessed consultations, I learned the importance of a good bedside manner, as well as the crucial role of empathy and good communication with both patients and other members of staff.

I currently volunteer at a social gathering for the elderly at my local church, which has been a great opportunity to serve the elderly members. Befriending them and ensuring they have a good time is very rewarding. I also regularly volunteer as part of the 'Welcome Team', where a friendly personality and good communication skills are essential when welcoming guests. Good team work is also crucial to the smooth running of the meetings.

The residential science Summer School at Imperial College was a fantastic experience. Leading a project team required me to be proactive in planning, organising and making decisions to complete our project on time. We achieved a Silver B.A. Crest award for our 'Green Power' project and I was thrilled to receive the "Most Likely to be a Mentor Award" from the mentors.

Travelling widely in India has been a great experience of life beyond my immediate environment. I attended an international boarding school (Hebron) for 3 years, which enabled me to experience a diverse range of cultures and develop independence and responsibility.

Returning to the U.K. half way through Year 10 was a challenging experience, having to make friends and catch up on missed work. Hard work and determination, however, resulted in good GCSE grades and election as a prefect by students and staff. I am a keen table tennis player and play regularly at a local club as well as with my friends and family.

I organise a table tennis club for the sixth form as well as an after school club where I offer coaching to beginners. This has not only been of huge enjoyment but has also helped me develop my organisational and leadership skills. I also captained the football and hockey teams at Hebron for two years.

Essentially, I feel I have gained a realistic appreciation of the challenges, both emotional and physical, involved in pursuing a career in medicine, but believe that my experiences have given me the motivation and commitment to withstand such trials and enable me to succeed as a valuable member of the developing medical field.

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This personal statement was written by faroukf for application in 2008.

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Like many others, I found this site incredibly helpful and felt obliged to return the favour. Hope someone finds this useful and feel free to praise as well as critisise!


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Very Good! Well done!

Very Good!
Well done!

Ver well thought out

I must say this personal statement is very well layed out and covering pretty much everything u possibly could withtin the character limit. Very well done and i hope you get all your offers!

this is easily one of the

this is easily one of the best on this site. how on earth did u manage to get so much ib the limit?!!!! very impressive to read and covers pretty much everything u need 2! u should be very proud......did u get ur offers?

Hi, I think this is a great

Hi, I think this is a great personal statement. I was just wondering what medical schools you applied to and whether or not you were successful?

I don't have any medical

I don't have any medical-related work experience. Could I have a chance to get an offer from university??

lol germany

lol germany

you need medical work

you need medical work experience. I'm currently doing my As levels and I have already done a week. Another week lined up just after Xmas. Unis understand that it's hard to get work experience but lots of aplicatants get some.

good PS


i agree that this is a good Peersonal statemen overall and the only down side I would say is that you havent expoited your hands on woork experience eg in the church. part of your PS is showing that you have learned skill through your work experience (ie you werent perfect before) and this shows that you will be quick to pick up skills in medicine.

otherwise really good and im guessing you got in :)

Hello, congratulations this

Hello, congratulations this is really good! where can you apply for practical trainings? simply call some hospitals or write them mails?

Yoo Broo Check out your Personal Statement...

Out of interest, what universtiy did you get into? Your personal statement seems good and I am jelous.. would u write me a personal statement too... coz im struggling :)


I truly appreciate this blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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