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Medicine is an ever-changing field I believe to be my vocation. I enjoy working in a team but also as an individual and taking responsibility for my own actions in a challenging environment.

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt a particular satisfaction when it comes to helping people. In order to get experience in the medical field, I spent a week shadowing a team from a GP clinic. This gave me the opportunity to observe the workings of a surgery closely, the doctors and district nurses, the receptionists and the ancillary staff.

For me, this emphasised the essential nature of teamwork in all aspects of medicine. I have also undertaken a placement at the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital in Kensington. Through this experience, I was able to view different types of cardiovascular surgery and was allowed to accompany doctors on ward rounds and encouraged to talk to patients.

I found this to be extremely valuable because, in talking to the patients, the importance of good communication was reinforced and taught me to value listening carefully and asking effective questions. It also helped me to improve my caring skills. From my academic studies and experiences, I have learned the importance of patience and keeping a sense of humour.

Attending the Medlink and Medsim conferences at the University of Nottingham enhanced my understanding of the rigours of pursuing a career in the medical field. During the Medlink conference, I attended lectures that highlighted the financial, physical and emotional difficulties involved in becoming a doctor. At the Medsim conference, I was introduced to more basic medical skills when I was given the chance to practise suturing, catheterisation and intravenous and cannula injections.

These conferences gave me a chance to see life as a medical student and to interact with others as well as the importance of teamwork in stressful situations. I realised that I can remain calm and rational when working under pressure. I have taken part in a number of First Aid courses and also worked as a First Aider for St. John Ambulance.

I am now confident in the provision of CPR and emergency procedures to victims of trauma. My ambition to be a doctor is reflected in the subjects that I have chosen to study at school.

I am pleased to have achieved a great balance between my studies and social, extracurricular life. I have regularly performed in school concerts, drama productions, charity drives and the school magazine.

I am particularly interested in music and I play the piano (grade 8) and sing (grade 7). I have participated as a member of the senior school choir since 2000 and have gained school colours for singing and playing in ensembles. I was proud to achieve Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award in 2005.

To acknowledge my contribution to school life, I was honoured with the Catherine Aylward Award in 2005, which is presented each year in recognition of a student's interest in the welfare of their fellow students.

I am also Deputy Head Girl. This appointment allows me to demonstrate my confidence and aptitude for leadership in the school community while improving teamwork with my fellow deputies and the Head Girl. In addition to this honour, I was made Music Prefect for the Junior School last year where I had the opportunity to work with the younger girls in the school while also organising activities for them.

My other interests are quite varied. I enjoy travel and have travelled extensively in North America and the Far East. I also enjoy kickboxing and tai chi and have been surfing for two years.

I am hard working and compassionate, but more than anything I am utterly committed to a career in medicine. I understand that this is a career with many demands, both emotional and physical, but I know that I possess the energy, determination and stamina to withstand these difficulties and to become a useful member of the medical profession.

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This personal statement was written by bubblesbrentside for application in 2007.

Medicine at University of Leicester

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I hope that this is able to help people. I used this site when writing up my personal statement and it was a great help so I hope that I can help others in return. I am now at Leicester medical school and going into my second year! Good luck to everyone applying :)
And please feel free to rate it. Hopefully then it will appeal to more people and help them too!


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WOW! Could i tell you you

WOW! Could i tell you you could not have done more to help your application! well done! did you get a place?


wow dats really good wat uni's did u get into? u've done soooo much how did you find the time!!

This is really good, you have

This is really good, you have done so many things. I am trying to do my personal statement, and i jst dont seem to have done much!!!!

hello there.

hello there.
thanks for the comments :)
to be honest, i thought i had barely any extracurriculars before i wrote it but when i actually started writing my statement, i found that i was just listing as many as i could think of and then eventually had to cut them out!!
the worst part of the statement is not attempting to get across how much you want to get into the university but actually squeezing all of your lifes accomplishments into 1000 words. its not easy but if you work hard on it and get to where you want to go, it feels pretty good!
and i got into leicester medical school. found out this morning :)
best of luck with your applications and if you need anymore help, please feel free to ask xxx

hiii.. v nice p.s!!! not

hiii.. v nice p.s!!! not suprised you got in!!! i havent even started my p.s write up and im getting very nurvous at this stage...really dont know where 2 start! hey btw my bro got in to leicester med school toooooo!!! never know u might get to know him :P


Very mature statement, for once i didnt have to read the : Ever since I was a child introduction and think... you still are!
Did you apply to Oxford/Cambridge or any other top university; Edinburgh, Imperial, UCL?

wow what a great ps, the only

wow what a great ps, the only thing is that you didnt have very much work ex and you still got loads of offers?????

Have you done the BMAT and

Have you done the BMAT and UKCAT?
How was it?

How do you register for BMAT?

UKCAT and BMAT question

I did the UKCAT but not the BMAT I am afraid so I don't really know anything about the BMAT. Sorry!


isnt BMAT for when applying to oxford,? i think you have to do that through your school, beacuse evryone applying for it apparently has to do it on the same day...sometime in november.......thats all i no.


BMAT is for :
1) oxford (O33)
2) cambridge (C05)
3) Imperial College London (I50)
4) Royal Veterinary College (R84)
5) University College London (U80)

while Ukcat is for other universities...such as edinburgh, aberdeen, glasgow, etc....

but watch-out..if u target for ireland universities, only the northern part is under ukcat while the others such as Royal College surgeons of Ireland (RCSI), dublin, under their own application gudluck !

Not to take away your thunder

Not to take away your thunder or whatever but can everyone comment on my PS. No one has commented on it and it's my first draft and I would like some opinions. It's the last one in the Politics category titled, First Draft..Politics/International Relations/SP.

this statement cracks me up!

this statement cracks me up!

this is really good!

this is really good!

hey nice statement, im

hey nice statement, im working on mine at the moment, and like you im also doing st johns ambulance. ANyway, im booked for my Ukcat in two weeks time and i was just wondering how the test is? Ive looked at practise questions- but not spoke to anyone that has actually sat it. How did you find it and what score did you get?


where did u apply ?

where did u apply ?
did you get any interviews+offers?

hey mate jus wana say dat dis

hey mate jus wana say dat dis is a RELI gud p.s nd its help me alot in structuring my p.s so thanks wish u all the luck

unis such as leeds like work

unis such as leeds like work exp etc... leicester is really academic along with edinburgh etc...

research you unis and see which is more appropriate for you... aka you have a bettre chance at leicester if you have good grades etc

dont fail UKCAT loads of people got rejected cause of it

Where the author of this PS is now...


Yeah I got into Leicester and am now in my 2nd year!!

Good luck with everyone applying :)

i REALLY want to go to

i REALLY want to go to LEICESTER so badly. Could you please tell me what your grades were at gcse. i dont know whether mine are good enough! Thank you in advance.


this statement is dawm good ....have u got the place??????????


Great blog post. Will read on...

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