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Shadowing and working with doctors is just one of the reasons for my passion to study medicine. Unequivocally enthusiasm has derived from shear pursuit and multifaceted experiences.

Having completed posts at the North Bristol NHS Trust and University Hospital Bristol NHS, paying attention to the activities of doctors and staff of wide-ranging precedence; care is achieved using staff variety and multi-disciplinary approaches. Conversing with patients taught the merit of doctor-patient interaction and issues surrounding QOL. Opportunities to observe diverse surgical, monitoring and treatment interventions in disciplines, such as Orthopaedics, ICU, Nephrology and Paediatrics, one valued practice and affiliations in forecasting outcomes to achieve excellence in patient care.

Having graduated from UWIC in Biomedical Sciences with Toxicology (2003) and currently pursing an M.Sc in Clinical and Experimental Medicine at UCL, where one was awarded a UCLH/UCL Biomedical Centre Scholarship; studies have emphasized core issues in analytical science and medicine. Ultimately, I seek to coordinate qualities; utilizing my investigative, scientific and interaction finesse in an empathetic role and to articulate in medicine.

Latter 2003, an internship at the University of Birmingham; QEH opened. As a renal associate, attaining lab practice observing the immunological role in transplant rejection and tissue typing at the NBS, this period developed intrigue in clinical medicine. I became a member of the British Transplantation Society and aided in the hosting of its annual congress (ICC, Birmingham). Networking with specialists from diverse transplant backgrounds was an honour.

In 2004, a TBMS post opened at the RUH, Bath. Recognizing disease initiates investigation; training entailed manual and automated procedures surrounding Haematology. Protocols also implemented audits and clinics; conducting clotting screening. Many patients were elderly and this made me appreciate that medicine brings variety; each individual is unique, bringing new challenges.

Working in Pharmacy Plus allowed comprehension in community ailments; contact with local GPs and PCTs. This vocation brought opportunity to correspond with patients from varying backgrounds and being fluent in Punjabi encouraged me to voice concerns, where language has been a barrier. In addition, responsibility explored issues encompassing governance, teamwork, CPD, staff training and service development; consequently I wrote projects and articles, which cover specific topics in medicine and pharmacy.

Preceding UCL 2008, I arranged a position as a Research Collaborator with the University of Bristol. Given assorted responsibility; the importance of partnership between doctors and scientists was elaborated. I demonstrated leadership, supervising Japanese colleagues and further acknowledged that EBM is vital for the active doctor.

Born with renal disease and having received my fourth transplant (2007); it has been a voyage of survival, strength and perseverance. How many can literally put themselves in the patient's shoes? I have acquired comprehension via endeavours and achievements.

I was elected onto the Bristol Area Kidney Patient Association, where speaking at educational events to provide information on coping with disease is a custom; attend forums, where jointly patients and healthcare professionals discuss ways to improve care.

This has led to an understanding of administration, function and interaction of various departments in the NHS hospital. As a member of the Renal Pharmacy Group and patient envoy for the Paediatric Kidney Advisory Group, and NHS Trust Patient Panel for North Bristol, these form an intricate component to interests.

My favourite pastimes include reading the Holy Qu'ran and thrillers, fund-raising, driving, cinema, walking, playing pool and keeping fit (wrestling). Possessing a unique insight, an array of experience, and attributes, I will thrive in medicine.

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This personal statement was written by shahid for application in 2009.


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In the Pursuit of Happiness!!

I believe in 'fighting' for ambitions/ aspirations, regardless of circumstances. I also believe that if you are not given the same opportunities in the early stages of your academic life, you have to 'fight' to compensate. One likes to contemplate this as his endeavour. Once again, thank you for reading....

A lot of it is good but you

A lot of it is good but you have made this very difficult to read. Hope you get in though, all the best !

I have taken my personal

I have taken my personal statement down for the time-being. I will place it back up a little later during the year. Best Wishes to all.

Dr Stephen Marks

It looks excellent. Well done on your achievements including UCLH/UCL Biomedical Centre Scholarship. It must have been tough too with your ESRF and 4 renal transplants ! You should feel proud of your achievements and aspirations.

Stephen Marks
Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist - Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust

Dr Moin Saleem

Excellent! Shahid

Moin Saleem
Consultant and Professor of Paediatric Nephrology; University of Bristol


Wow you have an excellent PS. Well done! Did you receive any offers?


This is one awesome article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

Excellent, I was really moved

Excellent, I was really moved. Are you a nephrologist now? I am amazed and touched by your struggles, may god help you!

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