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I have been interested in medicine since childhood. This curiosity began, when at the age of five I saw a video of child birth. I was mesmerised by this miracle of life and by the thought of being involved in something as wonderful throughout my life.

My decision to study medicine has been strengthened by my enjoyment and success in both my MYP and IB biology and chemistry courses.

I am fascinated by the complexity of the human body and the functions it carries out.

The aspects which fascinate me most about medicine are being able to help and care for people whilst understanding the sophisticated processes which happen within the human body.

Furthermore, medicine would suit me as a person because of the ever developing new scientific discoveries, medicine has reached an endless scope with unlimited possibilities which would fulfil my prospects in life.

My involvement in a voluntary programme this summer has reinforced my decision to study a degree in medicine. I visited Poland with a group of students to help in a local hospital.

My group was assigned to the neurology floor where we cleaned the patients, made their bed and kept them.

Although we didn’t do anything particularly medical, I was able to experience a hospital and learn about caring and responsibility.

This experience was extremely rewarding for me as it made me grow not only as a person but as a prospective medical student.

I also attended a first aid class where I learned the procedures that should be carried out in an emergency.

Besides my interest in medicine, I have strong interests for music and languages. I have been playing the flute for almost 4 years and I have constantly improved through practice, my progress is obvious in the various concerts I play at throughout the year.

I also enjoy learning languages. Spending a year in Germany, in a boarding school when I was 12 years old helped me to learn German from scratch and made me a more independent and outgoing person. I still go to classes to improve my German and prepare myself for various official German exams.

Being almost trilingual has also helped me with another hobby, travelling, I love to see different countries throughout the world, and most importantly in order to learn more about different cultures and to meet different people.

Having participated for three years in Model United Nations has helped me to significantly develop some important skills particularly useful within the medical profession such as speech writing, communicating and team work. In these conferences I have represented countries as varied as Tanzania and the United Arab Emirates.

I was an ambassador in one of the conferences which consequently increased my leadership skills.

I consider these some my most important qualities, which would be invaluable to any profession particularly medicine, therefore I continue to develop these skills even further whenever possible, for example after being elected to become a member of the National Honour Society for which membership is voted by the teachers of my school.

In order to be a successful doctor, one must be caring, dedicated and inquisitive in this field as well as a whole rounded person.

I believe these are some of the qualities I possess and I am certain that by studying medicine I can accomplish my dreams and make a contribution to the society I live in.

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great statement. well

great statement. well balanced.

lack of work experience

lack of work experience mentioned on your PS worries me.

You should make more of the skills you have developed and how they will help you as a medical student and then as a doctor.

I agree with DrFluffy - too

I agree with DrFluffy - too little appropriate experience and too much on non-medical hobbies, interests etc. If you can relate these to skills you have developed then that is more helpful

brilliant, superb and i gotta

brilliant, superb and i gotta say i got alot of handy tips from it.

I doesnt seem less

I doesnt seem less impressive than if it were Filled with medical related activities...however...All these involvement iS Impressive N they did say they're lookin for people with wide ranges of interest...
Im oni 18...i havent done crap! :'(

I do think that your personal

I do think that your personal stsment is well balanced and interesting, and I have gained many useful tips.I hope you get many offers.

so soo many points to nit

so soo many points to nit-pick on this

who made u watch a child

who made u watch a child birth video when u were 5??

no chance

seriously are you doing medicine??!!!

hey no chance, tell me, what

hey no chance, tell me, what is it that you do? YOU have no chance. i think this person is well fit to go to medical school. fine job essay writer.

excellent content but needs to be revised

this personal statement is fine, just needs to be reread to make sure grammar is correct. But in terms of content, it is what most admissions are looking for.good luck.

How can you understand about

How can you understand about child birth when u were five??? I'm sure a child that young will be scared if they saw a child birth video.


first of all you need to lose that last statement its to, how can i put it 'over the top'. You have listed your traits which is good but im thinking how are they relevent to medicine because you havent made the link apparent. You say you have SOME of the qualities to make a doctor, lose that 'you DO have the qualities'. Overall a good starting draft but you have a tendancy to go off on a tangent about things we dont need to know, go through it and think to yourself 'is this relevant to medicine' good luck

your personal statment is

your personal statment is really great hope you got really good offers.i'm in the process of writing mine.

Little disturbing at the

Little disturbing at the start i must say! To watch a video like that at only 5 is worrying. Just a small tip, try not to use cliches as the admissions staff do NOT like them at all. If you write about your work experience, as you have done, then there is no need to use cliches like 'The aspects which fascinate me most about medicine are being able to help and care for people' as it is clear that you like helping people from the work that you did. All doctors ike the fact that they can help people...otherwise they wouldn't have become doctors.

this is sooooooooo good!

this is sooooooooo good!

This is interesting.

Ever so slightly waffling, although it's very difficult not to when you're trying to be apssionate, which is made clear.

Just sent me into histerics seeing that a chilbirth video at the age of 5 made you say... mummy i want to do that! :S

Goodness, i would be concerned, however if that's the honest truth then it will certainly make interesting conversation int he interview.

Just be really careful.. admission tutors are looking for reasons to let you in! HOWEVER interviewers are looking for parts to question and bring against you to test your stress capacities! So go through it and look for parts which are dogy or you think may work against you in some way!


To all of those giving

To all of those giving negative feedback on the personal statement. I know its not perfect but this statement is taken from another site where the applicant recieved 2 offers.

Have you done the BMAT and

Have you done the BMAT and UKCAT?
How was it?

How do you register for BMAT?


Hi hun great personal st8ment. Jus a question-hw do unis knw ur nt lying abt work expperience, ne1 can easily mk it up!!
feedbk needed!!!

AT 5?! pleaaaaaaaaase

AT 5?! pleaaaaaaaaase

your reason for medicine is

your reason for medicine is disturbing

You saw a childbirth video

You saw a childbirth video when you were 5?

oct 15th is a comin'

I will say that that is a very good closing line. Wish i could something as good as that but all my ones just make me sound like a gimp.

Lol. The age of five? I was

Lol. The age of five? I was crying when I saw my first childbirth and I was 20.


Edidn`t think about that. I'll tell my mother, she won`t believe it..!!

Personal Startement

Is this real? fascinated by child birth at the age of 5?

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