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Residing in clinical grounds of Zimbabwe I discovered myself in unintentional healthcare recruitment. 2008 cholera epidemic outbreak initial effects tackled my path to medicine as I had witnessed the destruction it rayed.

With limited medical professionals at hand e.g. approximately only 5 nurses at a local clinic and not a single medical doctor to be seen led to my involvement within this small clinic.

Yet quite horrifying eye witnessing deaths of more than one at this clinic a day, I realised the challenges within the medical field and the uninvited hectic aura. Being an unqualified I was suggested to a recipe in ORS (Oral rehydration solution). I carried on partaking my duties in distributing homemade oral solutions daily to assigned patients.

However this experience was both demandingly pressured but yet rewarding which brought an outlook into the profession as a doctor. Insufficient healthcare access and poor sanitation rooted the outbreak, although unqualified I had basic healthcare principles. Thrilled to advance in knowledge as a doctor due to my limited assistance at the clinic brought my quest since then to advance more into medicine. The unfortunate verge of un-existing healthcare in 3rd world countries brings out the need and enthusiasm within me to build up my knowledge in medicine.

Recently a hernia surgical procedure was done on my younger sibling and during my time at the hospital I was able to emphasise with doctors and nurses and also their sense of commitment and achievement despite working for long hours. Even so not all glamorous and fairy-tale like I noticed the commitment and diligence within them even so under pressure.

Although being a guardian I had the curiosity and interest to observe the work of the department including junior doctors in how regularly they check upon the children’s body condition. The way that the doctors would communicate with guardian or the patient was quite unique in terms of patience and professionalism manner within their speech.

Therefore, I took on the opportunity to deeply observe and foreshadow doctors at my local hospital which will be even more valuable experience. Partaking new problems and challenges comes along within medicine.

The fundamental constituency of discoveries within science generally server my curiosity. Why is flu incurable? Would Alchezmier be curable? Yet I find the responds least unsatisfactory to server my interest.

Ascribable to inspiration from Dr Thomas Starlz jaw breaking approach to “liver transplantation” highlight originality yet courageous challenging behaviour pursued through research and advancement in medicine which I will to take. I prescience through publications such as “out of his head” surgeon plans on human first head transplant which took my interest.

As a result this triggered my thoughts in relation to ethical issues and critical analytical thinking approaching conclusions in science. As an A level mathematician I gained skills approaching problem solving by tackling them logically to provide precision in results. In relation I’ve applied this skills in my chemistry.

Not all coated in academia, I enjoy public speaking especially giving presentations which I have evidently demonstrated through my sequence in first place position in chemistry presentation in my whole class. I usually do presentations based on researches assigned by my tutor which has taught to meet deadlines and preparation for successful deliverance to the audience.

Corresponding to both my interest in science in medicine and presenting I have taken the opportunity to do an extended project research, furthermore presenting to few of the science department staff.

Through further study in medicine I assure to hold my career as a doctor to provide sufficient and efficient healthcare services to both minority. Having faced unexpected challenges within this field I’m aware the profession can be challenging too thus I am willing to take a step further to advance.

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I feel like its not good enough because of less work experience. Don't mind the bad grammar I haven't sorted it out properly yet, I just need ideas.


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