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When two, I suffered a large third degree burn on my chest.

Living in a small town in Romania, I was not able to get appropriate treatment, so I grew up with complexes about the aesthetical appearance of the scar. I underwent five surgeries growing up to remove as much of the skin defect as possible, which also posed dangers for a normal growth.

During my long hospital stays I met a plethora of individuals and felt inspired by their stories and empowered with their determination to move on with life. Thanks to the nurses, clinicians and surgeons that worked on my case I now feel normal and have a greater outlook on life.

I too, want to be part of a team that is at the forefront of medical breakthrough, having contact with those whose lives will be transformed for the better. My inquisitive nature as well as my willingness to learn allows me to continually search for answers as the human body is increasingly unveiled; it fuels my passion to be a doctor.

Teamwork is essential. A doctor does not save a life alone but rather side by side with other professionals. I had an internship of one year with Broward General Hospital, in the United States. Working in different departments, such as radiology, paediatrics, nursing units, and trauma, allowed me to understand how interdependent different specialities are.

I shadowed practitioners, nurses, and other staff as they performed procedures. This has allowed me to see the type of environment suitable for me.

From March 2010 to June 2011 I volunteered at Memorial Regional Hospital in the Labour and Delivery department.

Duties included assisting with bedside care, such as taking vital signs. My professional attitude and maturity was noted and I was granted the privilege to observe surgical procedures, such as premature caesarean sections. Both of the above mentioned experiences have shown me the importance of organization, communication, multitasking, accurate evaluation and recording of patient information.

In addition to this, during a health careers camp in June 2010 I was able to visit medical schools and speak to medical students who described the challenging reality of medical school.

I also seized the opportunity to shadow a plastic surgeon to discuss his journey and explore this speciality that intrigues me. We discussed the surgical procedures he performed over the past few days, the approaches taken and the reasons behind each.

Apart from exploration of the medical setting, dancing, running and playing tennis are my other pleasures. They allow me to detach myself from the stress of the mundane world and seek internal peace. Additionally, I take an active role in my community. I was a member of the National Honor Society, a prestigious and highly selective national community service organization.

As the president at my school, being communicative and organized were key roles in governing a group of over 60 members. While being part of this, I coordinated two fundraising fashion shows for the Haitian earthquake victims and the American Cancer Society.

For two years now I organized plays for children’s hospitals in hopes to give the children a few hours of happiness, joy and wholeness. These projects have strengthened my leadership and teamwork skills, while earning me the Outstanding Senior Leaders of Broward County Award.

I am perceptively aware of the physical and emotional implications of medicine and understand the importance of commitment, as well as competency. While dedicating my time to worthy causes and having a job, I kept my academics at high standards, excelling in my AP courses and graduating 3rd in a class of 350. With my philanthropy, determination and stamina, I aspire to become an asset to the medical profession.

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Hey, I just applied to med schools using this text for my personal statement. Let me know what you think of it. :)


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Incredible personal statement

Incredible personal statement. One of the best I've seen. You should have no problem getting an offer.

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