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I am captivated by the prospect of becoming an operating department practitioner. I feel this niche occupation will suit me perfectly and lead to a highly rewarding career.

It has the perfect combination of utilising care and compassion as well as the technical application of knowledge. I had previously considered the route of nursing however I had an incessant feeling it wasn't right for me.

Since discovering the role of ODP my interest has been unwavering. It has instilled in me excitement and enthusiasm for the future, but most importantly the drive to work hard and achieve this dream.

I am currently working in a hospital setting as an assistant technical officer in the lung function department alongside a multidisciplinary team including physiologists and associate practitioners.

My day-to-day life consists of pulmonary function testing for consultant reviews, pre-operative assessments and transplant assessments. These take place in our lab, on inpatient wards and outpatient clinics.

Working across these areas I communicate with a variety of people including specialist nurses and consultants. I have also worked in a community pharmacy where I liaised with other healthcare professionals such as community nurses and GP's.

I believe my ability to communicate effectively with others and work well as part of a large team will aid me as an ODP. During my time in both roles I have refined and developed my interpersonal skills.

My experience in these patient facing roles will benefit me as those coming into theatre will often be anxious, acutely unwell and in need of compassion and reassurance. Having said this, I am also competent working independently and given enough information and training can work proficiently without supervision.

Whilst my decision against going straight into further education from secondary school may be looked down upon by some, I believe it was the best thing I could have done.

My real life, hands on experience of working with patients and colleagues in varied healthcare environments will prove indispensable. The academic aspect of the access to higher education diploma I am studying for will supplement this experience.

By choosing the route of an access course I can showcase my ability to self-motivate and take on responsibility for my studies, skills which will aid me in throughout this university course. Not rushing into deciding my future has also allowed me to discover operating department practice, which I am fiercely passionate about.

I have explored the specifics of operating department practice and the possible routes of progression. As my long-term goal I aim to qualify and register as an operating department practitioner and work as a scrub ODP, with a view to progress and eventually qualify as a surgical care practitioner.

My family and I have benefited from procedures ranging from minor operations to life saving surgery thanks to the NHS. I strive to be every patient's advocate throughout their most vulnerable time in hospital.

Although operating department practitioners are mostly behind the scenes, every member of the team plays an indisputable role when it comes to patient care. One of the core values of my current NHS trust is "putting patients at the heart of everything we do" - I believe this to be one of the most important factors in healthcare.

I have always looked up to my Dad, who works as a senior biomedical scientist. He has an MSc in Haematology and his ongoing commitment to the NHS is a large part of what inspired me to pursue a career in the same field. I was an inquisitive child, and our discussions about science, human biology and medicine fascinate me to this day.

As an adult, I enjoy the thought-provoking conversations about the challenges he faces, the lifesaving decisions, and the joy it brings him knowing his work enables him to make invaluable contributions to the health of the nation - something I will one day take great pride in myself.

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