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Growing up in a country where a terrorist war has been raging for a quarter century,has uncovered the depths of poverty where medical care and facilities are woefully inadequate. This, combined with my interest in science, and my desire to assist people have inspired me to choose medicine.

My interest was aroused during work experience at Sri Jayawardhanapura Hospital and the Apollo Hospital Colombo, where I got an insight into the life as a doctor.It became very evident to me the meaning of team effort in medical care after observing the skilled medical team work in the theatre.

I witnessed with curiosity the operation on a child suffering with a 'hole in the heart',a hernia operation and caesarean sections, where the incredible delight on the face of a mother and surgeon after the successful delivery of a baby,left me astounded. I also appreciated how different departments in a hospital working in synchronization helped patient care.

Observing the performance of an ECG in the ER,an endoscopy,Ultrasound and CT scans in the radiology unit,made me value how new advances in technology support effective diagnosis. Shadowing a physician during ward rounds led me to understand that the key to a strong doctor-patient relationship was listening. Talking to doctors made me realise that a career in medicine is exhilarating, with it's incredibly varying routine which comes with sacrifices,hard work and immense responsibilities as there will be human lives dependent upon me.

My appetite for acquiring scientific knowledge is reflected in my choice of A/L subjects. Biology and Chemistry being my favourites, are fundamental to medicine, while Mathematics and Physics have enhanced my problem solving skills.

My curiosity in medical issues lead me to read articles in the student BMJ and visit medical exhibitions where I have absorbed a great deal of facts which I find appealing.

The transition from studies in my mother tongue Sinhalese,to the English medium after my local O/L's, was challenging to me but nonetheless I've managed to continue with high grades.

Competing at team events during sports meets have taught me the significance of loyalty and team work,while a regular swim keeps me fit and relaxed. Facing speech exams, winning prizes in drama have enhanced my communication skills which are vital to the profession.

Performing in English days,playing the Violin in the orchestra,singing in competitions and concerts as a member of the school choir,has given me the pleasure of working with others; and performing in front of an audience has raised my confidence.

I excelled in theory of music exams as a prize winner and passed with distinction the senior certificate in music. I was an active member of the environmental society contributing to increase awareness of environmental diversity and appreciating nature through tree planting programmes and trips to lagoon areas.

As a member of the social services society my acute concern led me to contribute towards projects which included visits to elder's homes, orphanages and collecting funds for projects such as the 'Mithuruwela' cancer project, among many others.

I enjoyed being in the committee for 'Christmas with Orphans'. During one vacation I visited a home for teenage mothers run by 'Sarvodaya'.

The inmates were victims of rape and I conversed with them with empathy, lifted their spirits, organized games while teaching them English. I recently received a certificate of merit from Help Age Sri Lanka for raising funds for the needy aged in my country. I am also a certified first aider.

During my gap year I hope to engage in voluntary work activities and get further work experience at a government run hospital where resources are limited.

Given the opportunity to read medicine in the UK where the degrees are renowned worldwide, I will strive to the best of my abilities and return to Sri Lanka with the skills and training that will equip me to serve the underprivileged as a successful Doctor.

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This personal statement was written by rads for application in 2008.

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Feel free to get ideas.I know it's not that great but hope it helps! :)


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hey so did u get any offers
im from sri lanka as well
studying for ALs in uk King's school chester
hoping to do medicine as a postgrad

poornima n

Mr J

You had the material for a nice and strong introduction but it was poorly used, shame.
Your work experience is : I did this, then this, then's not what I'm looking for. What I want is your thoughts on the experience you gained from the hospital placement. Listing does not show how good you are for the subject.
Whatever follows up is hardly linked to medicine and again does not show your insight in the situation.
The conclusion is weak, partially original but weak.


Very good blog.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

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