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For me, being a doctor is having the capability to help someone else on a day to day basis. The variety of work is exciting and a career of constant learning is very appealing to me. I previously didn’t have the confidence I do now-I want to pursue my ultimate goal. I was originally raised to be joiner, but it did not quench my thirst in wanting to help others.

My first steps in a medical career were as a combat medic with the British Army. But it was suggested to me I had more potential, so I was offered a Nursing position. However I declined this offer; the reality of being a soldier before trying to preserve life presented me with too great a conflict of ideas, so I opted to go down the civilian route. During 2009 I decide to use my potential to go further and pursue a career as a doctor.

Whilst studying full-time, I sought employment at a care home specialising in the care of patients suffering from a range of geriatric conditions, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and so forth. I have started my NVQ2 training in care, which will then lead onto my NVQ 3 to become a Team Leader. At first I found the work hard and emotionally testing.

After I came to terms with dementia and its effects I started to manage. I now enjoy making a difference to resident’s lives and health . This role highlighted the natural care and empathy I retain; I value these as my highest qualities. To investigate the profession in depth I shadowed two GP’s.

Attending consultations I saw and used an auroscope, a stethoscope and a blood pressure monitor. I found watching patient examinations really interesting because of the procedure the GP’s progressed through to reach a diagnosis. Noteworthy is the level trust and respect that the patients had for their GP’s, several consultations were spent listening to personal problems. This placement showed me that GP’s have to be patient, understanding and empathetic-skills that I have.

To gain more experience I volunteered weekly in a rehabilitation unit. Here I had the chance to witness firsthand the mental, emotional and physical effects that alcoholism can have, while watching the struggle that residents go through on the road to recovery.

Currently I am undertaking my Duke of Edinburgh gold award, for my service section, I volunteered with Fire Fighter Cadets. We ran hose drills, inventory of the fire engines and completed team build tasks. This placement taught me a great deal about working as a team and leadership. Just now I have started my gap year; this will allow me to accomplish goals and prepare for the possible attendance of medical school. I intend to study French as my Skill for Duke of Edinburgh Award and organise a trip to Morocco with World Challenge to complete the Expedition section.

I am currently in the process of joining the Territorial Army as a Combat Medic with 207th Field Hospital and as an Officer, to eventually graduate from Sandhurst. I decided to do this to occupy my gap year and have a diverse range of life experience, medical experience and leadership experience.

My 3 day work experience at Royal Blackburn Hospital involved talking to patients, clinical skills and most beneficial to me, was observing and participating in two PBL sessions with 4th year and 5th year medical students. I have also enrolled with St John’s Ambulance; I look forward to the training and the roles I will undertake. Forthcoming is a Medi Quest day and my entail weekend with the Territorial Army.

On a personal level I am keen on fitness; it keeps me relaxed, energetic and I enjoy it. When I am not with friends or family, I read books, cook and practice music. Some evenings I attend a Torite Jujitsu class. I meet new people and get to study a different culture. Living in rural Lancashire I take full advantage of what the areas have to offer by walking.

After my work experience, especially my time at the care home, I have learnt to believe in myself and that life is too short to be unconfident; I know this is what I want to do. Even though I have not got the specific qualifications yet I make this up with determination. I now need the chance to prove myself.

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