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The enthusiasm I have for the sciences - specifically Chemistry - encouraged me to think about my future career and how a chemistry-related degree could be a possibility for me. I have always enjoyed maths and science throughout my education and I have recognised that I can combine both in a career in pharmacy. I believe pharmacy to be a fast-developing profession and recognise that pharmacists are heavily involved in the introduction of new medicines for all kinds of illnesses, and I find the prospect of working in this field inspiring.

The opportunity of studying a language-based subject (French) as well as scientific subjects has allowed me to study other cultures and their ways of life while, at the same time, developing my confidence and communication skills. In chemistry I particularly enjoyed learning about the composition of molecules, their different functional groups and also instrumental analysis - I was intrigued mostly by these because they allow you to see the chemistry 'in action'. During one module I especially enjoyed learning how specific parts of molecules and medicines affect certain organs which then relates to what I am studying in biology on the subject of the simultaneous functions of organs and the way in which one small change can have a huge impact on the body - much like in the manufacturing and administering of medicines.

I recently benefited from visiting a local pharmacy for a work experience placement which I found invaluable. I thoroughly enjoyed the insight into working as a pharmacist and I can appreciate the amount of effort that goes into running a community pharmacy. I carried out numerous tasks such as shelving new orders of drugs and I learnt to distinguish between some generic and branded drugs. I was also pleased to be given the responsibility of making up prescriptions - which included finding, counting out and checking the correct dosage of the required medication.

I feel that I coped well with the increased amount of responsibility. Currently, I am finishing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and aim to achieve the Silver Award soon. The expeditions indubitably forced us to come together as a team and it was inspiring to observe - I certainly matured as an individual during this time and found it to be unquestionably beneficial towards my social skills. I am an active member of the Sixth Form Council.

I regularly attend meetings and provide input into Sixth Form issues and fund-raising activities, allowing me to confidently speak out in front of my peers and voice my opinions. Last year I regularly helped special needs pupils in the lower years with aspects of their education they struggled with, particularly reading and writing. I also spent two weeks work experience at a primary school during which I helped the children in everyday work. These experiences have involved interactions with various types of people and prove to have greatly boosted my confidence.

Another responsibility delegated to me, when I attended the Girl Guides, was frequently assisting with the younger division of Brownies and in running 'Bring and Buy' sales. In my spare time I take pleasure in playing musical instruments, socialising, reading and running - which I find crucial to help me deal with stress. I am accomplished in playing both the clarinet and piano, and I am a member of the Gwent Youth Orchestra. I have played at a vast number of events including the prestigious National Festival of Music for Youth.

I also play the piano in a jazz band and we are often requested for various functions. My school has also given us the tremendous opportunity to perform abroad in the last couple of years, and I have visited both Prague and Barcelona during which we performed numerous concerts - one of which was even in the famous Sagrada Familia church. I found these trips to be immensely enjoyable and they undeniably developed not only my confidence and musical ability but also me, as a person.

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This personal statement was written by emilyinwales for application in 2009.

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My personal statement for Pharmacy - entering 2009!
Hope you like it. Please feel free to comment and add suggestions! :D

Cardiff - Interview/Offer of ABB - FIRMED!!
Bath - Interview/Offer of AAB
Aston - Offer ABB (A in Chem)
Portsmouth - Offer BBB
Reading - Interview (withdrawn by me due to other offers)


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quite a good ps actually!!

quite a good ps actually!!
just make sure u dont say your work experince was 'invaluable' as the uni will know straight away that ur exaggeratin. and said that certain activities help relieve your stress then one might ask how are you going to cope with the hugely increased stress of this degree- thus u may need to do some rewordin if u havent already sent it off

Which uni did you apply to

Which uni did you apply to and did you get in?

Hey thanks for commenting,

Hey thanks for commenting,
I applied to Reading, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Bath and Aston and got offers from all of them :)
Have firmed Cardiff - fingers crossed will be ther in september results permitting :)

This is a good PS, very

This is a good PS, very detailed.

This Personal statement is

This Personal statement is great. You have such an all round character making you a perfect candidate for Pharmacy at degree level.

It's really good- it displays

It's really good- it displays your passion and shows your character

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