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When my grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer I took care of her. I helped her eat, put clothes on, wash herself, go to the hospital and I kept her positive that she will be healthy again.

I did research about colon cancer and its treatments in order to better understand her disease. I enjoyed doing all that and seeing her get better. There were days when she was not feeling well, and it was tough but I learned that I needed to stay positive for her.

I did everything out of intuition and desire to see my grandmother healthy and happy again, and although I was fifteen years old and it could have been a traumatic experience, it turned out to be revealing and rewarding. It made me realise that I wanted to do that for other people and become a doctor.

By tending to my grandmother I learned I am emotionally strong, and that I can deal with adverse situations, like cancer. I have the ability to emphatise with people and I feel rewarded whenever they feel well and happy. I understand that keeping patients positive is very important for a good recovery, as well as listening carefully to them, making them feel comfortable and supported.

I am passionate about anatomy and the works of the human body. What makes me particularly curious about medicine is that as long as we have the knowledge there can always be solutions for a disease. I am ambitious and determined and medicine will satisfy my eagerness of learning and developing every day.

I am currently in my last year of studying biology in USA with a tennis scholarship and it has been an invaluable experience because I have had time to develop as a person and be a better candidate for medical school. I have learned by representing my university on the tennis court for twenty hours every week while balancing my studies that I am resilient, initiative, responsible, and I can deal with stress.

Being a student-athlete has taught me the importance of balance in life. Having to travel, compete, and meet deadlines as part of my daily life, I have learned to relax by playing the piano, spending time with friends, and cooking. This enabled me to start fresh the next day. This is important to know as a doctor because medicine is a demanding profession and without the essential repose it can become an unbearable job.

I have volunteered and participated in research labs at university. I have especially enjoyed volunteering at the university hospital because I have had the chance to be exposed to different departments in the hospital: I have helped relatives see their loved ones in the in-patient section and I have helped doctors and nurses with paperwork or guiding patients in the ophtalmology, radiology, gastroenterology, emergency, and sports medicine departments.

I have especially enjoyed working with the sports medicine team because being an athlete myself, it was interesting to see the importance of a specific recovery plan and of following them thoroughly in order to recover properly.

In the emergency department, I have learned that team-work, patience and time-management are key in treating all the patients. The satisfaction that volunteering gave me has underlined my desire to become a doctor.

I have also had the opportunity to work in a research lab at my university for six months that was undergoing research on neurodegeneration and muscular dystrophy on mice.

Although an invaluable experience, it has helped me realise that I enjoy much more interacting with people than working in a lab. However, seeing with how much passion the researchers were working has kindled my inner fire to follow the profession of a doctor and apply what researchers are doing in labs.

I want be a doctor in order to relieve the pain of people like my grandmother's. I believe that I am a good candidate because I have the qualities needed for a doctor, and I have the desire and passion to practice medicine and learn every day.

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I am applying to the Graduate Entry Medicine course for 2017, and I would like some feedback on my personal statement. Feel free to comment.


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