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A career in medicine has been my burning desire for many years. This was triggered when a road accident hospitalised my brother. Watching sick, motionless children come in but leave smiling a few days later was so incredible I wanted to be part of it.

With further research I found that medicine combines my curiosity for science with the care and compassion I witnessed in that children's ward. My interest in how the world works, and more importantly how our bodies work, led me to continue studying Biology and Chemistry at A level.

To be able to help people at their weakest and most vulnerable point in life is something I would love to spend my life doing. Having spoken to many hospital practitioners and GPs, I know that pursuing this career involves sacrificing a significant amount of social time and handling a huge amount of pressure. However I believe that the satisfaction of correctly diagnosing a patient and successfully treating them will be extremely rewarding.

With my mind focused on reading Medicine, I undertook relevant work experience shadowing consultants in various fields of Medicine, from diagnosing X-Rays and CTs to observing coronary angioplasties and bone marrow biopsies. I enjoyed it immensely and at home I researched diseases I had come across, for example Crohn's Disease and Anaemia, with great interest.

I attended a multi-disciplinary meeting which emphasized the importance of collaboration and team work to ensure the highest quality of patient care. I also realised during Ward Rounds that every medical decision was made by the Doctor and the outcome of a patient was ultimately their responsibility- a serious challenge I'm willing to take on.

In March, I attended a Medical Careers Symposium at Queen's University. This gave me vast insight to the working life of junior Doctors and Consultants. Despite being repeatedly told a career in Medicine would be extremely tough, I found these experiences absolutely amazing and it only strengthened my aspiration to become a Doctor.

For the past year I've volunteered in hospitals, working with activity nurses in an elderly unit and as a church escort on Sunday mornings. During the summer I worked with Nurses making beds, serving tea and taking patients to theatre twice a week in an ENT ward. This work in a caring and social capacity greatly influenced and strengthened my ambition to be a Doctor, and has shown me the importance of empathising with patients.

In school I'm currently an elected committee member at our Christian Union which requires me to attend meetings in which we organise activities and discuss our opinions, emphasizing teamwork. As a prefect I'm entrusted with maintaining the smooth running of the school by talking to pupils and liaising with teachers. I also achieved my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award which required a tremendous amount of teamwork.

Outside of school I've been a leader at my church youth group for 2 years, where as well as taking the initiative to lead activities and events, I have to be approachable and understanding when younger members confide their problems in me. Giving talks has boosted my confidence in speaking publicly, and organising camps has helped me develop important time management skills, essential to fulfil my organising duties and keep on top of my school work.

I teach piano which gives me a chance to speak to children on a one-to-one basis, a skill that will be useful as a Doctor. I'm committed to Taekwondo training twice a week to maintain high levels of fitness.

A hobby of mine is web design which led me to set up my own business at 13, illustrating my self-motivation. This self-motivation and my willingness to research in order to further my understanding, demonstrates my commitment to the problem-based learning aspects of the Medical course.

Having thoroughly researched what a medical career involves, I'm determined to study Medicine no matter how challenging it will be.

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Hey which uni did you pick in the applying to liverpool and birmingham, newcastle and warwick. can you help me make a decision please?

very good and ambitious

very good and ambitious

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