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As my understanding of the immensely complex human body grows, I find myself increasingly fascinated with the way by which the various components of the body are able to work together to produce the wonder that we call life.

It has already become clear the road necessary to become a physician is one of trials and challenges.

However, I am confident that it is a road that leads to a position that contains opportunities in helping one’s community that are matched by few other vocations. For this reason, I am excited about progressing in the world of medicine.

Over the last four years, my propensity for becoming involved in medicine and science has been ever-increasing and has led me to posses the motivation for learning that I had not previously expected. Through the transition into college, I began to realise how vast the needs of people are in our society and how quick I was to take my present heath for granted.

This realisation was facilitated through a mission’s trip to New York City that I attended with my church at the end of high school. Spending a week helping build a church in one of the neediest areas in Brooklyn really opened my eyes to the way in which much of our society functions.

My interest in science has always been present, yet my desire to help people has increased and I see the potential that is encapsulated through medicine. In addition, I realized how much of the population of New York that I had little chance of ever helping because of how many were only able to communicate, with efficiency, in Spanish.

Growing up in the suburbs of upstate New York gives few opportunities for language barriers, which is why the realisation that hundreds of thousands of people in New York City alone used Spanish as their primary means of communication. From that point, my interest Spanish and the Hispanic community has grown significantly since then, and my studies of the language have only intensified. Through this motivation, I am optimistic that my pursuit to become a doctor will prove in a productive addition to the physician community.

Aside from my personal motives, I feel that my academic and clinical experiences have allowed me to see a clearer picture of what I am really looking to do with this profession. My experience in research and various shadowing experiences in hospitals and clinics have allowed to me see much of the upper and lower end on the spectrum in terms of levels of care.

Having an opportunity to shadow a vascular surgeon at Sister of Mercy Hospital really allowed me to get a good grasp on the day to day responsibilities of a surgeon and the balance between demeanor and poise in the O.R. as well as the compassion and sympathy that are involved with working with patients and their families.

In addition, I was able to participate in research on aortic aneurism repair that spurred my excitement to the progressive nature of medicine. In contrast to this high-risk, high-cost aspect of medicine, I was presented with the opportunity to shadow a family doctor in the inner city of Rochester at a clinic that received the vast majority of its income from the Medicare or Medicaid programs. I saw the desperate nature of the people that came into the clinic every day and how foundational that assistance from the government heath has become.

Beyond my interest in the Medical arena, my involvement with various other activities and societies has brought me to the place where I am today. Sports have always been a huge part of my life, and I continue to be involved in athletics for the variety of benefits that it offers. Because college sports had always been a dream of mine, largely in part to follow in my father’s footsteps, I was disappointed when I found out that I would not be able to play basketball at the Division 1 level.

Yet, after much training, I was able to be on the Crew team at Liberty University. This allowed me to maintain my commitment to my own person health, while participating in a sport that provided a different type of mental and physical stimulation. However, much more important to me than my athletic career, my involvement at my church and spiritual leadership at my church has been foundational in my life. I currently attend a Spanish speaking church in an attempt to further connect and understand that community, as well as improve my overall comprehension of Spanish.

The culmination of the academic, medical, and general personal health have all played a large part in my decision to invest such a large amount of effort into the healthcare arena. As for any position or profession that is even remotely rewarding, significant effort is always required. However, I am convinced that this is career that is worth the pursuit.

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