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Medicine as a career has always infected me as it feeds on my never ending curiosity for human body, especially the brain, as these intricate natural things cannot be imitated.

My kind nature and ability to help people with whatever I have, has further helped the infection to strengthen and spread its ever wanting roots in me.

Though, this infection can be fatal due to everyday challenges that it has to offer throughout the career it, keeps that from becoming a boring profession and promises life-long learning, which attracts me.

Moreover, the fatality is often equilibrated by the rewarding objectives that you get in the form of trust and faith from the patients, which I prioritize more than money as it, offers self-satisfaction.

Intricate world of brain and its relation to human behavior has always captivated my interest. I have been enjoying books like ‘The man who mistook his wife for a hat’, which demonstrates different mental illnesses and their effect on patient’s psychology and personal life, and ‘The private life of brain’ which efficiently establishes the relation between the working of brain and its effect on our personality.

During my internet searches on common mental illnesses I found how Insomnia affected 30 percent of the U.K population mostly due to increasing stress and how teenagers suffer lack of sleep due to their behavior and upheaval of puberty hormone which has ill-effects on levels of melatonin, an hormone which causes us to fall asleep.

On further discussion on insomnia with my teachers I found how terrorists use the ill-effects of insomnia by not letting the new recruits fall asleep for more than 8 days which results in complete brain wash of those youngsters.

In order to gain better appreciation of this challenging career I arranged for a couple of weeks at a private hospital. Being a typical Indian hospital, it offered me a versatile experience as I got to communicate with patients from different socio-economic classes and observed how varied diseases affected patient’s life from different backgrounds.

Helping RMO’s with maintaining patient’s history showed me the much needed organizational aspects of medicine, with opportunities to observe there communication skills while on B.P round with them.

Attending ward rounds with a doctor gave me an insight of good team dynamics required for formulating treatment and management plans. I also observed how doctor consolidated, convinced and provided moral support to patients which seemed to need it, and I was surprise to see how multilingualism helped him to effectively communicate and deal with different patients.

Watching the relative of a particular patient, who came to meet him, collapse and die instantly gave me an essence of unexpectedness in the medical career and taught me about the limitations of medicine.

A month of volunteering for recyclekaro (An NGO which encourages people to recycle) taught me to care for something (i.e. Environment) which is least cared by others. AT LEAD foundation (AN NGO that works for poor illiterate children) I was privileged to spend many afternoons with the children.

I was able to really get to know them and understand how their difficulties affected their lives. Challenges there, ranged from teaching small children to read and write to convince their parents to send them regularly, instead of making them beg on roads.

Encouragement was just another important thing after moral support that I had to provide them in order to change their way of life. All this experiences have impressed upon me the importance of different life skills and enhanced it accordingly, which in my view are important for becoming a good doctor.

My free time is often spent in reading and listening to music each of which helps me to feed my curiosity and distress me, respectively. 4 years of karate has taught me to respect others, especially the enemies. I am also a good Tabla (An Indian classical instrument) player which helps me to stay connected with my tradition in this fast changing world.

A year in my school band has improved my musical coordinative ability.

Medicine is a challenging route with many pitfalls, but it is that challenge which makes it all the more attractive and life skills attained so far through various experiences will be helping me to face these challenges head on.

Further, enhancing of my personality through varied experience offered by university life will be a great opportunity as Indian medical schools rarely offer such experience.

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This personal statement was written by Mohitraje for application in 2011.


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