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Medicine is a combination of care, treatment and research which I am actively interested in.
It is a general acknowledgement that good doctors are some of the hardest working and
committed people you will meet. It is a position I have always had great admiration for, and
one I have always aspired too. I see medicine as an opportunity to utilise my life skills for
the benefit of others.
After spending a week at various departments in Bristol Royal Infirmary, I was given an
insight into the reality of the medical world. I was based in the respiratory ward and through
observation, learnt a considerable amount about COPD and other respiratory diseases. I shared
accommodation with one of the SHO's, gaining the full experience of working ten hour days and
being on call twice in one week. This helped me realise the importance of time management, and
required me to be prompt and organised.
After spending a day with the nursing staff, I realised how many different jobs there are in
patient care, and how vital good communication and teamwork is within the staff. The
newspapers have recently been on the topic of the budget cuts in the NHS and I experienced
them first hand, seeing patients waiting hours for beds in ED and the rush to have as many
patients discharged as soon as possible before the weekend.
After working at Clarks for two years, I have learnt to portray a constant professional
mannerism, whilst being friendly and open to customers; a role I saw perfectly demonstrated by
staff in the hospital. And since volunteering with Guides as a young leader, I understood how
jobs can be demanding but rewarding; as you always needed one hundred percent energy and
enthusiasm with the guides.
I attended the Bright-Med Roadshow where we learnt basic anatomy, how to take a history and
amongst other things, the correct method to cleaning your hands. Following the nurses at the
infirmary accentuated the point of how important hygiene was for the wellbeing of patients and
staff. Through these experiences, I have encountered several different aspects of medicine.
Working at a Cardiac Rehab centre required me to employ a more empathetic nature and emotional
support for patients who had been through trauma.

I am a motivated person and enjoy tackling new challenges. If I am unable to perform to the
standard I know I am capable of, I commit to improvement, and am not shy to ask for help. As
an athlete, I set high goals and standards, which require discipline and dedication to attain.
I play for Rushmoor Netball club and attend AFD athletics club, representing them both
regularly at events around the UK.
During Duke of Edinburgh bronze and silver, as team leader, I had full responsibility for
managing the team; considering individual needs, and those of the group as a whole. This was a
real insight to what true leadership is like to me, and was valuable to have experienced.
I enjoy helping people where I can, and am a biology peer and student mentor at college, as
well as previously being a Prefect. I have learnt to be responsible from an influential and
authoritive position, being open-minded, and greatly developing my interpersonal skills.
Besides providing academic support, I also employed integrity and discretion whilst dealing
with matters of confidentiality, being an intermediate between the college and students to
ensure their best interests.
In order to implement an active lifestyle and an ideal vocation, I aim to eventually qualify
as a medical officer in the RAF. I have the drive and motivation as well as the compassionate
nature to succeed in a medical career. My previous experiences have taught me to deal with
pressure and maintain a strong level of independence, as well as how to be a rounded

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detailed and lot sof workexperience jst great

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