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From a very early age I have been fascinated by the workings of the human body, an extraordinary machine with such remarkable functions that it still cannot be artificially reproduced using any kind of modern technology!

My love for science and the human body was initially sparked when in 1997 my younger sister had a convulsion, lingering on the threshold between life and death. I was merely 6years old when my father rang for an ambulance and was instructed, if necessary, to cut my sisters throat in certain places. "

Cut her throat? ! Will she not die?" were my immediate reactions but we were saved the pain of taking such drastic action as the medical team arrived in time to save her. Later, I learned cutting throats was not only a way to take lives, but also a way of saving lives, and from that moment onwards the thirst to learn more about the human body was born within me.

As I have become more educated in the world of science I have come to realise what a challenging and rewarding life a doctor has, creating in me a desire to work alongside those people who saved my sisters life all those years ago.

After speaking with several doctors, I have come to realise how highly respected and hard-working they are by saving the lives of complete strangers, yet they expect no gratitude in return. This, in my opinion, is the most satisfying career possible.

I have always been fascinated by science. This has been reflected in my secondary school grades as I have constantly been able to compete for the top spot.

I have taken part in various activities for Gifted Students, and in 2005 I was asked to take part on a 3-day scientific trip to Wales for The Most Gifted and Talented Pupils in Bolton to represent my school.

It was a wonderful experience and I was reassured becoming a doctor was the right choice for me.

I believe I have developed many skills necessary for anyone wishing to follow a medical career; for the past 4 years I have been responsible for organising outings for students at school and college during which I have improved my social, communication and organisation

Being a dedicated and determined member of the badminton team and the local gym, I have further enhanced my social and team-working skills. In the summer holidays, I went to Pakistan. During my two months there, I volunteered to work in the local hospital. I was constantly put under the pressure a large hospital faces, but rather than 'run away' I learned how to adapt to such situations.

This experience has made me realise what working under such conditions feels like and I am thankful for the valuable experience I have gained. To further my insight and understanding of medicine, I have applied for work experience at a Doctors Surgery which I am sure will benefit me enormously.

Ever since my elder brother and sister left for university, my responsibilities at home have increased. I am responsible for my diabetic father and asthmatic brother.

I make sure medications are taken at the correct times, medications are always available and, in the case of my younger brother, the temperature must always be perfect as any decreases in the temperature may trigger his asthma attacks. This has made me realise how much I enjoy looking after others.

My A-level subjects are, I believe, crucial for a good doctor. Having the knowledge to obtain a complete mathematics A-level after just one year of hard work has done wonders for my problem-solving and logical skills as well as teaching me how to push my self to my very limits.

Both Biology and chemistry have educated me further in science, as well as improving my analytical skills and maintaining my interest in medicine.

The road to becoming a practicing doctor is a long and demanding one, but I believe I have the necessary ability, commitment and motivation to succeed. I am absolutely certain I can achieve my life-long goal and one day have the chance to stand proud alongside my fellow doctors.

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This personal statement was written by billy786 for application in 2009.


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I just wanted to say that I

I just wanted to say that I found your personal statement very fascinating. I'm only in year 12 so I don't particularly have much experience when it comes to personal statements but I have read my fair share and I absolutely love your one, because it's not the conventional "I want to help people" medicine personal statement, and it's really original. I was just wondering where are you studying now?

i think this statement is

i think this statement is great
i have learned alot baout what to write in mine
thank you

i am inspired as i am only in

i am inspired as i am only in yr 10 and someone mentioned personall statement to me , and i decided to look around thank you your personal statement it has really inspired me , i am thinking about the uni i want to and my college.
thank xxx

damn holmes, thats good ese i

damn holmes, thats good ese i was wondering where are you chilling now? Mexico City Community College? Peace out hombre

you do realise there is

you do realise there is omeone on this website with the exact same opening paragraph as you ?!?!

Mr J

A poor statement with a weak structure.
The ending is very and as well.
The opening paragraph though is promising, with some serious polishing you could have achieved something very powerful. Why? because you made it PERSONAL!!
The rest is not really impressive. You listed and that's that. You should have showed that you thought of your medically related experiences but you never, anyone can say I gained "this" or saw "this" with no explanation and thus it becomes impersonal.


Sometimes I also see something like this, but earlier I didn`t pay much attention to this!....


Post brought me to think, went to mull over!!....

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