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Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2012, there were 14.1 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer-related deaths worldwide. Unfortunately, my grandmother dead of gastric cancer in 2013. After the operation, she only lived for five years. I think the treatment of cancer prognosis is very important for tumor patients and it has a lot of room to improve.

I have learned many lessons about basic medicine and clinical medicine in my undergraduate. I had been to a pathology laboratory for one-year research in our university's program.

My project was 'Study on the apotheosis and its mechanism of PCK rat carcinoma induced by multi-target mTOR inhibitor. As an undergraduate, I learned from other predecessors and did some easy experiments. For instance, cell culture, cell freeze, cell digest, and so on.

Although the operations I had done were very easy, I was serious about every detail, and I never had a mistake during the period. In order to work well, I had read lots of paper about cancer treatment and relevant researcher.

As an anesthesiology student, I can do tracheal incubation via mouth or nose, arterial puncture and blood gas analysis by myself. What's more, I have participated in intravertebral anesthesia, nerve block anesthesia and general anesthesia. I can do a complete general anesthesia and intravertebral anesthesia by myself in most cases.

As a pathology lab's student, I only can cell culture, electrophoresis and some basic experiments. But, I think if I could be admitted by a wonderful laboratory I will do more interesting and significative experiments.

I was the minister of the learning department of the Medicine college of Yanbian University for five years. I organized the postgraduate entrance examination experience exchange meetings, study exchange meetings,medical knowledge competition and so on. I enhanced capacity for analytical thinking, cooperation, and knowledge of the literature of my field.

For basic medicine, I participated in the Physiology and Biochemistry contest and got the third place.

Students and doctors have stressed to me the importance of maintaining a balance between recreation and work, a skill I put into practice as an undergraduate. I like Taekwondo and the piano. I usually go to the Taekwondo hall to do some practice. Because of a balanced diet and healthy are very useful to people. And I always play the piano or listen to music during my spare time, it's relaxing and pleasant.

My mother is a bank clerk and my father is a doctor. When I was young, I always went to my father's hospital during my holiday. I saw my father help others decrease their pain and I was educated that Helping others is a virtue. So I would like to follow my father's step and to be a wonderful doctor.

My ideal career is work in the hospital affiliated the university. I will be an anesthetist and a professor, and at the same time, I will have my own laboratory. Actually, I only know a little about the experiment, so I would like to major in pathology for my Ph.D. degree. Pathology is a subject combine clinical medicine and basic medicine, I am sure I could obtain what I need there.

South Korea has a world-class education system and a world-leading professional setting. South Korea is a multicultural, abundant and wonderful country.

Compared with Korean fashion element, I prefer Korean traditional culture, such as good manners. Becoming an excellent person, not only literary or artistic talent but also individual quality.

I appreciate the motto reads ‘Veritas Lux Mea’, Latin for ‘Truth is my light.’ It's as seem like the road I will forward. I will search for the truth without false during my science research. I think studying for Pathology at Seoul National University is important for my future development.

After graduating from Yanbian University in July 2018, I have gone to Korea. I have admitted an intern in a pathology lab. On the one hand, I can study some knowledge about the experiment, on the other hand, I can practice Korean and fit in the lab environment quickly.

I have a strong work ethic, an enquiring mind and, after studying for the SNU, a realistic view of what it means to work as a doctor. I am highly motivated to study medicine and I am looking forward to the prospect of returning to university to achieve my long held goal of becoming a doctor.

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