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I had never seen a human fetus before that day. Sitting in a jar on the top shelf of my biology classroom, that human-like mere figure made me wonder: “What is it?”.

Curiosity kept me looking through my grandparents’ vast library for a month, and when the truth was finally revealed, the enthusiasm made me think that I shall confine my studies to biology only.

How foolish a 13 year old can be! So complex life is, that I couldn't help exploring all sciences.

As my inquisitive and perfectionist personality found a match in the biology subject, I started to participate to the Biology Olympiad. While this experience, my dreams did meet with failure but I learnt how to evolve by coping with stress and working effectively under time pressure.

Eventually, I obtained the 1st place at the National phase of the Olympiad, achievement due to which I was given a superb opportunity to upgrade my confidence and my speech during the TV show and the newspaper and radio interviews I was summoned to.

Currently, I make a study of Campbell’s "Biology-8th edition", Frank Netter's "Human Anatomy Atlas" and Niculescu's "Anatomy Compendium", books that prepare me for IBO and that enlarge my vision on what future studies in medical school might consist of.

Besides academic writings, I relish both literature and science books,such as "DMT The Spirit molecule"-Dr. Strassman, which offer new insights on life and trigger my logical-connection mechanism.

My affinity for medicine made me strive to find various long-term volunteer jobs and, having basic knowledge in the domain and a two-year experience as a Red Cross member, I easily related to the health professionals.

Though the leisure activity with a GP enabled me to put into practice my theoretical notions, the work at the District Hospital Emergency department was the real pick into the medical world.

Collaborating with several doctors, forging close relationships with wretched patients and fulfilling my duties quickly, diligently and caring was emotionally and physically stressful, but otherwise gratifying.

Soon I learnt that carrying out EKGs and hypodermic injections, or assisting ward rounds, ultrasound interpretations and gastric lavage probe procedures is not everything! Not once had I to patiently explain the safeness of EKGs to reluctant old people, which made me acknowledge how vital communication skills in this vocation are.

Surely, the four month absorbing experience reinforced the desire to take my passion to a professional level.

Always aware of my weaknesses, I have tried to improve myself through extracurricular activities and thus I can assert that channeling my efforts on science, be it mathematics, informatics, physics or biology, not only satisfied my craving for a deeper understanding of particular issues, but also resulted in a straight and problem solving thinking, an adaptability to modern technologies and a honed writing and debating style.

Most of my energy was put into humanitarian and social projects where the ultimate task was raising awareness, skill that I later on exploited during a "World Citizenship" programme and while exercising the function of "Lawyer of the Students" - job involving a lot of team work, strict organization and diplomacy from my side.

In my spare time, I attend the theater and the philharmonic orchestra, I often travel and I boost my adroitness by producing hand-made accessories.

I also enjoy writing for the school’s magazine in either Romanian or English and, through my activity in various AIESEC projects and my English Club two-year membership,I seized the chance to practice my speaking and to integrate in a multi-cultural environment by relating to people from five continents.

Medicine is not just a science; medicine is the art of life- complex, challenging, soulful and yet gracious and unique. Acknowledging all the sacrifice, hard work and dedication such a vocation implies, I am determined to become part of those few privileged “artists”.

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This personal statement was written by teafil for application in 2000.


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