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My desire to study medicine grew from a young age when my mother was diagnosed with hypertension. The regular visits to the GP gave me a glimpse into the profession but particularly the thirst to learn more about heart disease. More recently the Biology modulehealth and disease inspired me to read 'Why animals don't get heart attacks...but people do'.

This gave me greater depth and understanding of her condition. The mechanisms and the reasons for the malfunction of the human body is the core of the study of medicine. My desire to further my knowledge and love of science combined with the eventualprospect of making diagnosis, care and treatment for the better well being of others inspires my application to study medicine.

I have extended my knowledge of heart disease by using the information I have attained to inform others. Cafe Science is an informal seminar that takes place four times a year, organised by my peers and I along with Guy's Hospital for our local community.

This has built my confidence as I was able to give a lecture on heart disease. Volunteering for the British Heart Foundation has allowed me to foster better awareness by fundraising at the London marathon 2010, which enabled me gain vital interpersonal skills.

To gain an insight into life as a medical doctor, I arranged to shadow a doctor at the oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Barts and London Hospital. Being present at theatre where reconstructing procedures for cancer of the jaw were taking place, demonstrated the indispensability of teamwork and clear communication between the surgical team. This experience showed me the range of responsibilities a doctor has, showing how stressful this career is and the importance of maintaining a balance between work and personal life.

At Queen Mary's Hospital I volunteered for fifty hours for Vibe during my summer holiday. My role included interacting with the elderly patients through an informal discussion, playing games or reading books and magazines to them.

Supporting the catering staff during mealtimes gave me important responsibilities, greater understanding of patients' dietary requirements and the opportunity to improve my interpersonal skills, for example through active listening and making sure my tone of voice indicated sympathy.

Volunteering at House on the Hill special children's home for two hours a week for over eight months has been one of the most difficult tasks I have undertaken. Many of the children lack self-esteem and confidence. My role was to ensure the children integrate with the group, provide meal-time assistance or just play gamesand have informal conversations for reassurance.

Understanding the importance of medical ethics, myself and a few prospective medical students at my college created a medical ethics group. As president, my role is to organise events,decide topics of debate and assign specific roles for individuals. Through this I have developed organisational and leadership skills.

Most recently the debate centred around the care of vulnerable children and where the responsibility lies; Baby P being one of the cases.

Activities such as playing in the girl's football team at college have been very enjoyable and have been my way of dealing with stressful times. Being part of the team that organised the charity fashion show, as well as taking part, allowed me to gain confidence to perform in front of a large audience as well as develop my organisation and delegation abilities.

I also enjoy knitting and regularly attend the gym as I believe good health and fitness is essential.

For years, I have been devoted to the idea of pursuing a career in medicine. Continuing my studies in a stimulating university environment is an exciting prospect that I thoroughly look forward to.

I understand the demands and the challenges that I will have to face, but my determination and hard working approach will enable me to overcome these challenges and persevere to achieve the best.

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