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The human body is undoubtedly one of the greatest natural phenomena known to man, and in its sheer complexity and intricacy is the inevitability of something going wrong, thus highlighting the tremendous role that doctors play in ensuring that the many diverse systems of the body are working flawlessly.

The challenges faced by doctors on a daily basis are perhaps what make a career in medicine one of the most demanding, strenuous, and yet rewarding professions there is.

My genuine interest in the workings of the human body is what led me to study biology at A-Level, in which I became enticed by the meticulous workings of the various bodily systems, such as the heart and lungs. To strengthen my understanding in a clinical environment, I undertook a 2-week work placement at [NAME OF HOSPITAL] Hospital Heart Unit.

I was able to observe ECG scans and talk to patients about their experiences and medical conditions. The opportunity to work in a real-life environment greatly enhanced my listening skills, an aptitude vital in any good doctor and the experience proved invaluable in providing me with a realistic perception of hospital life.

I discovered that although doctors are constantly faced with many different situations, the key to successful patient care lies in a compassionate, empathetic doctor, a role which I believe I will be able to embody.

Wanting to learn more about general practice, I undertook another work placement at a GP surgery. I was given the opportunity to talk to doctors and patients, observe routine checks on patients, and work at reception, from which I was able to learn about how a general practice is run.

My placement at the surgery illustrated to me the importance of communication between doctors and their patients, and the serious consequences of the breakdown of communication. As a multi-lingual, I was able to draw on my ability to speak English, Punjabi and Urdu, by conveying requests between patients and reception staff.

To gain a deeper insight into the relevance of pharmacology in patient care, and to improve my skills as an independent learner, I recently completed an Open University short course in molecules, medicines and drugs.

I learned about how commonly used drugs, such as aspirin and salbutamol, achieve their effects and how the positive effects of a drug must be weighted against the possible side effects when deciding whether or not to issue a particular medicine.

During the course, I also came across ethical issues related to medicine, as to why some people may choose not to take their prescribed medicine due to social, cultural and religious beliefs.

I am an active member of Islamic Society which has helped me to become a more open-minded individual with an unprejudiced view on life.

I am also a part of Amnesty International and as a group member I have taken part in school assemblies and written letters to governments, advocating human rights.

To improve my interpersonal skills, I became a mentor in maths and chemistry for two younger students in my school. Being a prefect for a year 8 form class also helped me to integrate into the school community and improve my communication skills.

I have recently secured myself a voluntary work placement at XXX Nursing Home.

I look forward to this great opportunity to enhance my communication skills by working with the senior community and I have confidence that I will be able to demonstrate the sensitivity and understanding needed to look after a vulnerable part of society.

The long and difficult understanding of disease is ever-changing, being propelled by new advances in technology, and I believe that as an inquisitive and dedicated individual, I have the drive and willpower needed to learn from this wealth of knowledge at university and to improve the lives of generations to come.

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This personal statement was written by grrr for application in 2010.

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Oxford University
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Queen Mary, University of London

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Medicine at University College London

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It took a lot of editing and re-editing. Did the trick though and I got 2 offers in the end :)


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It's nicely written. I'm

It's nicely written. I'm hoping to apply to King's College London, inshallah. I wish you the best in all your studies, and congratulations.

Thank you :) good luck to you

Thank you :) good luck to you as well. If you get an interview from King's, just be confident - I think the reason I got rejected was because it was my first interview and I was really shy. Best of luck, you'll be fine inshAllah.


mashallah, well done!
what did you get for ukcat?

Thanks :) I got 692 as my

Thanks :) I got 692 as my average. Even if you get a low ukcat though, you can still make up for it with your academics and other stuff x

Masha'Allah =)

Wow! When i saw your GCSE grades i was in awe! Wish you all the best of luck, try hard and you'll get what you deserve..Insha'Allah =)

Looovin the PS btw...gave me some good ideas! i'm writing a PS atm for this medicine scheme i'm aiming for, though i'm still an AS student.

Take care.


That's a brilliant personal statement! My aim is University College London, so I was just wondering, what were your A level grades and how are you finding the course?

Thanks guys :) I got 3 A*s

Thanks guys :) I got 3 A*s for my A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, and an A in Critical Thinking. As long as you meet the minimum of 3 As and you have some extra curricular stuff to talk about then you should be fine :)

The course is great - its not hard as such, there's just A LOT to learn. At UCL you hardly have deadlines for anything and its up to you to keep on top of the work, so motivation is definitely a must!

Best of luck x

GCSE grades

Hey, I was wondering what you got for your GCSEs?

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