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My fascination with the innermost workings of the human body began at the age of twelve when my excellent, if somewhat eccentric, science teacher dissected a pig's heart in front of the class.

From that point onwards my interest in human physiology has only increased, and from the common cold to coronary heart disease I have always queried their possible causes and solutions. This interest and desire to use my knowledge to improve the health and well being of others, sparked my ambition to study medicine.

When I was twelve I was accepted by a national specialist music school, with the intention of becoming a professional violinist. Leaving home to live with strangers from Kircaldy to Korea has, above all, greatly improved my communication skills and adaptability to change, which are vital in a doctor.

Playing the violin in such an intense and challenging environment has required a great deal of commitment and determination, and relishing an active lifestyle makes the demanding routine of a doctor particularly appealing. Performing to crowds of tens in Kirkwall to thousands in Paris has been invaluable in boosting my confidence and teaching me to remain calm in stressful situations.

Leading the local youth orchestra regularly tests my leadership skills, as it involves organising the players and working as a team to achieve a common goal. Amongst so many public performances, playing to Her Majesty the Queen was a particularly terrifying experience, but from it I learned the importance of preparation and personal conduct.

The demands of my academic and music studies increased enormously over the years; managing multiple commitments, working under pressure and coping with stress were paramount. Although there was the inevitable expectation on me to study music, my interest always lay with medicine and my desire to become a doctor outweighed unaccompanied Bach.

Achieving an advanced level of competency in my music has required a great deal of persistence, patience, drive and dedication, all of which are essential for a successful musician and doctor alike.

During my work experience at the ___Hospital in_____I worked alongside staff who helped me appreciate the importance of solid teamwork and understand protocols in providing a professional service to patients in a supportive environment. My time in theatre was particularly fascinating as I watched an appendicectomy, herniorrhaphy, laparotomy and caesarean section; operations highlighting the importance of trust between doctor and patient and the need to respect their individuality and confidentiality at all times.

My experience also gave me a practical demonstration of the initiative and flexibility required by doctors, as an abdominal X-Ray revealed a severe sigmoid volvulus, requiring immediate surgery. The operation lasted well into the night and I learned first hand the great mental and physical demands of medicine, but the resilience and professionalism of the medical team was truly inspiring.

I am also involved in voluntary work with the elderly, which has helped me appreciate the sensitive and holistic approach required when caring for others. Spending time chatting to them has made me more aware of the importance of listening effectively. My time spent with a local GP emphasised the importance of empathy and gave me a valuable insight into medicine from a primary care perspective.

At school I am a member of the 'PEER' mentoring group- a voluntary scheme providing support and guidance to younger members of the school. During a residential trip, I was given responsibility for a group of eleven year olds and encouraged them to interact and build friendships. Setting up a tent in torrential rain for my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award has improved my ability to motivate others and remain positive in difficult situations.

I am determined and dedicated to study medicine and my clinical experience has only increased my desire to become a doctor.

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This personal statement was written by heather123 for application in 2010.

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Studential helped me lots when writing this so I only think it's fair to upload mine for future people and try and give them inspiration too (not sure if it is very inspiring but hey ho) :)

Applied to Dundee, Glasgow, St Andrews-offers from all
It was really a labor of love though and i did spend a lot of time writing and re-drafting it! A million re-drafts later and this is what I came up with!


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I think this is brilliant :)

I think this is brilliant :)
I laughed at the whole choosing medicine over unaccompanied Bach :)

Mr J

OK, to put it simply you talked TOO much about music, I mean this IS medicine you want to apply to. The opening paragraph was heavily cliched as usual.
The positive thing about this statement is that you come across as a VERY confident person, now that is VERY good.
About 2/3 of your statement is dedicated to medicine while the rest to music, I did not like that.
Like many, far too many on this website, you listed and listed. Never personally examined the experiences you had, so I did not get to learn a lot about you.
One the one thing about this statement is that the tutor WILL remember it, it has to forget about someone who talked SO much about music in their PS...

Mr J

"the one thing" not "One the one"
"hard to forget" not "has to forget"

I should relax when I type...

Hi Heather, it's a concise

Hi Heather, it's a concise and informative personal statement you have there! Well I'm applying for medicine for entry this year - 2012, and I got into Dundee as well. Wonder if you could tell me how has med school been for you for the past 2+years? And why didn't you choose Glasgow? Glasgow is my first choice actually, but i didn't get a place there. Thanks a truckload! :)

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