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I choose to study medicine as I believe that every person should contribute to the future by doing what they aim to do best. Individuals attempt to create or discover something new and to improve previous innovations. Every generation has its role in shaping mankind.

There are a number of ways through which one can play a significant part in society. Striving for personal achievement which, when acknowledged, inspires me to collaborate with others towards accomplishing remarkable outcomes.

Medicine is what preserves lives, thus gives us the chance to make the most of what the world offers with good health standards. The human body and mind possess an incredible amount of functions, many of which yet have to be learned and understood.

I consider medicine to have its essential foundations in both science and art. As a Science, it enables us to investigate and research further. On the other hand, applying skills in order to cure somebody is the artistic part of medicine.

I have committed myself to a variety of work experiences that have helped me become self-assured about building my future in medicine. Doctors have to be confident to accept the responsibility that is handed on to them through a patient's trust and loyalty.

I have worked as a translator in a local centre for the disabled where I also was a master of ceremony for the World Weightlifting Championship in fluent Czech, English and Russian. Here, I encountered disabled people whose courage and enthusiasm for life became my motivation for success.

As a receptionist in a hotel, I received positive feedback from clients on my communication skills which I believe is an asset for a doctor. Being a student, I am stimulated to broaden my knowledge, but I find that my ability to teach others is what shapes me the most as a learner.

I worked as a teaching assistant and directly lead classes of English and ICT in a Czech local school. Teaching made me aware of the patience I needed to develop towards slower learners.

My participation in a Habitat for Humanity Global Village Project in Macedonia made me become a more caring individual who sees her future in working with people.

It also encouraged me to continue with voluntary work so I am planning to participate in another project with them soon.

Finally, I spent the summer of 2008 working in the ***, in the Ukraine, where I conducted my IB extended essay. I researched the effects of shiatsu massages.

I wanted to emphasise the importance of applying knowledge of human physiology with traditional Chinese medicine. This research put me in direct contact with patients which proved to be a rewarding experience.

I learned one has to enter this field prepared to accept possible medical failure, nevertheless, at the same time, to keep up the determination to continue.

I work hard to achieve what I want insuring exceptional results. When I learned that I had a chance to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, I was challenged to compete and seized the moment. With a full scholarship I am now able to access the diversity of the curriculum.

This possibility enhanced my fascination towards the biochemistry of human life. I am a young individual who enjoys indulging in anything that life has to offer sports, music, social events as well as synthesizing knowledge and previously learnt skills.

I believe, to some extent, one is a master of his/her life and whatever our ambitions are, we will reach for them as long as we stay self-focused and motivated to never give up.

I am confident about my strengths, therefore I know that I have the ability to become a respected doctor but to persuade others about this claim, I need to be given an opportunity to acquire the knowledge it takes to become one.

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This personal statement was written by olloo for application in 2009.

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I've had to rewrite it many times as my teachers felt it was a little bit weak in expressing my passion about the subject.However, I did not want to make it sound cheesy by saying this is what i've always wanted to do, as I indeed had doubts. I still think it's good. So far I have one interview invitation.
Please leave ur comments, I'll appreciate it very much.


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ur statement is preety good

ur statement is preety good at least it got sometin.I also applied for 09 entry but it seems av been up against some strong competition.And responses 4rm uni's hv been bad probably my statement wasn't good enough

Mr J

One of the strongest opening paragraphs I've read so far, you show a great level of insight for the subject.
Your work experience paragraph showed great potential but was very inconsistent. Some experiences were put down as if you were trying to make a list, this is bad.
Others were starting to show your analysis and thoughts on the subjects but felt incomplete, you could have done better.
The conclusion is messy and weak. Saying things like "I know I will become a good doctor" come across as arrogance. About your grades, play it down, you want the admission tutors to think you are a brag. Grades should be mentioned by your referee in your reference.
The statement also lacked a clear structure unluckily.


I loved your article post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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