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The human body is an intricate system of bones, nerves and cells. I learnt this at a young age when my mother would be up late at night studying for a nursing exam. I would read off her card as she would rapidly recite the answer to me. It was at this moment that I knew medicine would be my calling.

As a child I had become fascinated with the human body and its ability to perform so many functions without it's owner realizing what is happening inside. I have experienced first hand the basic coursework that is required when pursuing medicine through the different science related coursework I have studied. I began taking biology, chemistry and am currently taking physics and anatomy in my last year.

Through each course my aspect of science and how the body works had broaden allowing me to be well suited in educating myself in topics that are exposed to those in medical school. In addition to be exposed to the educational aspects,I have learnt the compassion, organization, teamwork that is involved in running an intensive care unit.

The last few months I was able to volunteer with a unit clerk at the ICU at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, I was able to shadow the clerk and help her with her day to day tasks. Through this experience I have learnt that in order to maintain the best patient care, the ward must work together in order to sustain an order and get things done.

Throughout my four years of high school I have been part of my school's Muslim Student Association. I began as Marketing head through this job I was taught how to better serve my community in the school by publicizing events which also allowed me to become more organized as a person.

My third year, I was appointed Vice President, this allowed me to become stronger in public speaking and taking control of situations, as I was required to run the meetings. This year I was appointed president of the club; being president has taught me what it means to be responsible of how others view the club including the school's administration.

All the qualities I have obtained through my school's MSA have allowed me to better myself as an individual. As well as being part of my schools MSA, I was also inducted in the National Honor Society in my third year. The National Honor Society recognizes the students who are academically the best of the school and have risen to attain the leadership positions throughout the school.

Being part of this organization has allowed me to rise up to the challenge of being the best which is a quality that is needed when studying medicine. In addition I have learnt the value of helping those around you as well as compassion through the community work I participate in, with my mosque.

Through the various soup kitchens and food packing events, I have realized that it is vital to give back to the community around us. This mindset gave birth to my hope to participate in volunteer work after becoming a practitioner. It is important to help those who do not have access to the medical aid that they need, as a practitioner's main goal is to preserve all life.

Throughout high school I have constantly had to work harder than my peers, this was because it took me longer to grasp concepts that took others no time at all. Due to having to constantly put in the extra time and work I become more determined to persevere and work harder for my grades.

Thus allowing me to create goals for myself, which will better help me in the long run. The medical field is full of intellectual, ethical and emotional trials and tribulations that are faced day by day by doctors throughout the profession.

However it is through these trials that creates the best practitioners, making the field unique in the sense of bettering an individual. My aspiration to help those around me, and to excel will no doubt aid me when pursuing medicine.

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