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'Sorry nurse, but what's a leg bag?' I realise that this is one of the most important pieces of writing that I will have to produce and I find it exhilarating that it will hopefully aid me in my desire to become a doctor. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by human physiology.

From aches to x-rays I always found myself asking 'Why does that go wrong?' and 'How can it be fixed?' This desire to help heal the human body and a concern for others well-being, are the main reasons for my ambition to study medicine.

I have had some important and relevant work experience. For the past year, I have been accepted to help at my community hospital casualty fortnightly where I have had experience of procedures including: plaster casting, telemedicine, catheterisation and suturing. Working with the nurses has taught me the importance of teamwork and being sensitive towards patients.

In addition, I worked in the GP ward for a number of months where I fed and talked to elderly patients, becoming adept at leg bag changing.

From this, I have learnt that elderly people must be treated with respect and consideration. I am undertaking a Red Cross first aid course as I feel basic emergency techniques may not only help me as a doctor, but might prove valuable in everyday life. I have also been fortunate enough to shadow a consultant surgeon at ________ Royal Infirmary for 3 days.

This was an excellent experience - I was allowed to attend theatre and witness operations. I now understand the importance of gaining the trust of patients and to treat them as individuals, being honest with them at all times. The importance of this was reinforced by my week spent with a local GP, which also emphasised the holistic approach required in this profession.

My extra-curricular achievements include The Duke of Edinburgh Award - I have attained the Bronze award and enjoyed it so much that I am now tackling the Gold head on, aiming to complete it in June 2008. Among other things, the Scheme has shown me the importance of dealing with confrontation, which, in turn, has vastly improved my team-working skills. I was honoured to be Dux of _____ Academy for S5, which emphasised to me that hard work could be rewarded.

My other school activities include the 'Buddy System', which involves volunteering as a scribe for younger pupils and a 'Guardian' for new first years. This has improved my communication and interpretation skills, which are essential for a doctor. It has also taught me the importance of being responsible and accountable to others.

I was voted to present a production named 'Teachers' Come Dancing'. In this I stood in front of more than 700 pupils in tuxedo attire, welcoming various groups of dancers on stage. This boosted my confidence in speaking to large crowds and presenting the show has imprinted the importance of preparation and communicating information.

Finally, I have opted to run for house co-ordinator for our sixth year committee. This is a highly responsible job as it involves organising and speaking at assemblies and house events. I feel this would test my organisation and leadership skills even further.

My other interests include cycling, football and badminton, in all of which I have tried to achieve something valuable, over and above the benefits of personal fitness and team membership. I raised money for charity by cycling the 'Etape Caledonia' - a gruelling 81 mile cycle.

After finishing 3rd in my age group, this experience taught me persistence in the face of adversity. I have captained the school badminton team for the past 2 years, which has improved my leadership skills.

In football, I regularly play in a Friday league. Although we lose efficiently every week, this regular test of my optimism and dedication is character building!

Studying medicine will be a challenge I will relish. I am well motivated and determined to succeed with my recent clinical experiences only further fuelling my desire to become a doctor.

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This personal statement was written by Tess_Tickles for application in 2008.

Medicine at The University of Aberdeen

Tess_Tickles's Comments

This was a labour of love I'll tell you! I'm pretty proud with the end result though, it brings out some of my personality - always very important with your PS. Don't be afraid to try a few small jokes. The examiners will be reading thousands, make them chuckle hehe.


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This is an impressive PS -

This is an impressive PS - how long did it take you to write it?
Which Uni's did you apply to?


This is excellent.

Have you done the BMAT and

Have you done the BMAT and UKCAT?
How was it?

How do you register for BMAT?

Hey thanks for the feedback

Hey thanks for the feedback :D

I applied to Aberdeen, St Andrews, Dundee and Edinburgh, offers came from all but my heart lies with Aberdeen so I'm off to aberdeen in sepetember.

I hope it helps everyone in passing. I did my UKCAT yes...struggling to remember my scores...670, 680 and 720 i think...a little surprising when i thought that i'd made a balls of it.

Oh and it took about 4 weeks

Oh and it took about 4 weeks of tweaking to get it right!

Unis can't know ur lying just

Unis can't know ur lying just from reading it but any institutions you name will be contacted and asked for confirmation that you were there before they call you up for interview. Also if you do get an interview and they ask you about the work experience you have mentioned it will become obvious that you are bullshitting them quite quickly, these people are experts on body language.

Congrats on a great PS, i'm always being told not to put jokes in as evry1 has a different sense of humour and the last thing you want to do is piss off the examiner with a risque comment but you pulled it off brilliantly and i'm jealous of your ability to constuct such an amazing piece

Well done

love your ps

hey, i read your ps and it was beyond amazing. you thoroughly deserved a place for studying medicine. i was wondering what you got for your exams?

Hey thanks, just came on here

Hey thanks, just came on here to see how it was, just started 3rd year now! Totally crazy

Anyways, my exams were AAAAA (English, Maths, Chem, Human Bio and Geog)

Feel free to ask any questions or to ask me what I think of your statement, I'm no expert certainly as it was some time ago, but I'd like to think that some of my experience is of some value to someone...somewhere :)


Hey really liked your ps. I'm doing my GCSE's and I was wondering if theres any advice you can give me on anything else I can do to get into a medical uni. Thanks.

Please help

i really want to do medicine and i have just written my first draft of a personal statement. My email is please can somebody read over it for me?

wow great statement. how did

wow great statement. how did u manage to get so much work experience?
any tips.........?

Pink Cookie

What did you get for your GCSEs? I'm worried mine aren't good enough for Medicine

'wow great statement. how did

'wow great statement. how did u manage to get so much work experience?
any tips.........?'

I live in a small town in Scotland, so I just asked around at the local hospital and GP surgery. My dad's a GP and helped me get some experience in the bigger hospital theatres and stuff. To be honest, you can almost manipulate any work experience to make it sound like you gained something medically from it!

'What did you get for your GCSEs? I'm worried mine aren't good enough for Medicine'

I wouldn't worry about your GCSE's so much, use them to get into your AS and A level subjects, that's what the uni's look at most. I'm Scottish and they hardly ever look at our Standard just do well in your A-levels :)

Can't believe this is still getting comments! Mid-way through 4th year now...s**t's getting real...oh dear. Good luck everyone.


Your use of humour definitely works here, I hate that people say not to put humour in!

This was a really enjoyable PS to read, most of them are really tedious and samey. Yours helped me a lot and I'm not even applying for Medicine!

I really want to do medicine,

I really want to do medicine, but i'm worried about my grades for this AS i have one exam left and I'm going to revise like crazy but I have to write my personal statement for medicine now, obviously, but when i get my AS results if they're not good enough i want to do Biomed then Medicine, would i be allowed to apply to biomes with a medical personal statement???
and this sounds ridiculous but i want to do medicine so badly, its the only thing i can see myself doing in the future but i can't put my desire down in words! does anyone else feel the same?

marry me?

marry me?

Hi everyone, almost finished

Hi everyone, almost finished 5th year now and just applied for FY1 jobs...dear lord.

Anyways, I thought I should reply to some comments, not that they'll ever read them again, but you never know...

"I really want to do medicine, but i'm worried about my grades for this AS ... i want to do medicine so badly, its the only thing i can see myself doing in the future but i can't put my desire down in words! does anyone else feel the same?"

- When it comes to Biomed, I think it might depend on where you apply as to whether you need a personal statement. I'm not sure using a medical PS for Biomed is the right way to go about it. Personally I would tweak my statement to appeal to the Biomed guys, you don't want them thinking you're just using their degree as a middle man to get to Medicine (which happens all the time). Ooze enthusiasm for Biomed and talk about ambition of science and if you want to give a hint at Medicine, maybe you could mention a bit about physiology or something? Not really sure.

"Marry me?"

- Whilst your offer is flattering, I'm afraid I'm spoken for. If things go belly up, however, I know where my first port of call will be.


I truly appreciate this blog post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

racist university

I'm an Asian medical student and never would I thought that this university has a few racist people (lecturer/doctors). Let me tell you a case of mine.

During my 4th year OSCE exam, I had this one examiner who failed me the previous year in one of my blocks (GP). Guess what when my OSCE result came back? I failed in that OSCE station!

I told one of my Norwegian friends and he is of Pakistani origin and he told me that he just hate that same doctor causes that doctor used to fail him too during his 3rd year.

I have no doubt to tell you the truth that he is Dr Graham Summers. I would like to warn you that I have seen other racist doctors who never entertains you or have no keen to teach 'non-white' students' and that includes the Dean of Medical School.

During my 4th year project, my supervisor did not even bother to help me and then he and she gave me a very bad review that resulted in me being terminated. To make things worst, the Dean of medical school REFUSED TO SEE me and I was not given proper advice/consultation for my appeal.

I advice that you better stay away from this uni especially if you are asian.

probably the best medicine PS

probably the best medicine PS i've read

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