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"That is tiny." This is the first thing that you say to a fellow student when an appendix is removed and extracted during a Laparoscopy. I was later told that upon removal of the appendix, this was extremely large due to inflammation. Learning new things every day is a development of knowledge when later needing to apply this in life. The body is an amazing network of organs and having an ambition to learn as much as possible drives me to concentrate on my lifelong dream to be a doctor. Just having the determination to help heal the body and analyse others' well-being are reasons for my intention to study medicine.

I have studied and educated myself with science since the age of 12 when going through high school, still enduring a huge curiosity mostly in (human) biology and chemistry. I believe that endurance and will power also play a big part in medicine and as being a doctor. Endurance mostly, as you are having to deal with so many things in one day. It seems to be a real privilege to be a doctor. It provides constant, mental stimulation and continuous endeavours to learn and succeed. I strongly feel that the anatomy of a human being is just magnificent and beautiful in every way possible.

I recently visited the surgical ward at the Edinburgh RI. Upon meeting with a surgical doctor and discussing the reason I was attending, I was then allocated to a ward of 3 patients who were all in with similar health issues. I found it very interesting to find out about a person's past medical history and how they felt about being in the hospital. It pleased me to be there knowing that I one day could be working with the body and making them
crucial decisions to treat somebody's needs and well-being.

As I desire to be a surgical doctor, I was invited down to the teaching theatre to watch an appendectomy. I had that moment of realisation that confirmed my love for medicine – having seen the inside of someone else's body and not fainting at the sight of blood, I think I passed the initiation. I understand that it is a rarely glamorous position to be in. Patients can sometimes be ungrateful and aren't always understanding but having knowledge on the public health system and wanting this ultimate career come hand in hand.

Whilst in high school, I attended to a young boy with muscular dystrophy. I would give up my lunch times to ensure that Joe had a friend, someone to brighten his day. I took it upon myself to do this. It flourished into a trustworthy friendship. I would sit and feed him throughout break time and it gave me satisfaction knowing I was helping somebody in need.

In addition to this, as sports was one of my choices in school, I gained my FA badge and managed 2 groups of children, coaching them and being a role model to them as they aspired to be footballers. One of the children progressed to Manchester City's development team. This showed me to be a great team leader and my parents thought that it would be a life lesson to join the Army Cadet Force. This taught me to have a clear understanding of leadership skills, discipline and a range of skills and the ability to command tasks and make decisions under pressure.

I have many recreational commitments which I believe is great for coping with the demands and stresses of medical studies. I have played guitar and sung since the age of 16 which led me to travelling around famous cities around Europe for the past 4 years. This gave me time to think about my studies and gain lots of life experience.

I have a keen interest in BSL and look forward to educating myself as I feel it would benefit me in using good medical practice. The qualities I've gained throughout my life will not only help others but confirmed aspirations to study this vocation which I am truly passionate about and will do what it takes to succeed.

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I did gain 2 interviews into Uni with this statement, I didn't pursue, but please if you're needing some ideas hope this helps :)


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