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Studying the history of medicine made me realise what a huge impact doctors have on people’s lives. I’ve always wanted a career involving people as I’m fascinated by our unique nature and the human body itself.

The topic also introduced me to the ongoing scientific innovation that is medicine and as I have both a passion and aptitude for science, I scored full UMS in seven of my GCSE science exams, I have been set on this vocation ever since.

Keen to discover more, I shadowed a team of respiratory physiologists. I had direct contact with patients whilst observing medical assessments such as a cardiopulmonary exercise test. This gave me an insight into the hospital experience of those with complex medical conditions.

Subsequently, I wanted to learn more about the role of a doctor so I attended a medical taster day. This involved PBL tutorials, clinical skills and human anatomy sessions as well as lectures from both doctors and medical students. The talks stressed that this is an arduous career path but I thrive on challenges.

My next placement was at Buxton Hospital where I was based on a rehabilitation ward for the elderly. I enjoyed working as part of a multi-disciplinary team on a ward and going on ward rounds with the doctors. Whilst shadowing a gynaecological consultant, I found I was comfortable with even the most intimate of examinations. It was exciting to watch the doctor’s put symptoms together and diagnose a disease.

My most realistic insight into the role of a doctor came from shadowing an oncology registrar. During the placement, I saw many patients who were terminally ill; this was upsetting but it made me want to be a Doctor more as I had an overwhelming desire to help them.

I also saw bad news being given, which taught me how to handle my emotions. The best part of the experience was the thrill I got when I saw a patient being told that their treatment had worked, which made me realise how rewarding the career is.

These experiences taught me the importance of communication skills. I have volunteered at Tapton Edge Rest Home since March, which has allowed me to become more confident when communicating with mature individuals as I enjoy talking to the residents. It has also given me an insight into elderly care and confirmed I want to be in a caring career. Some of the residents suffer from Alzheimer’s so I have arranged to shadow a psychiatric consultant to help me communicate with them. When working at a nursery for socially oppressed children in Germany, I learnt that non-verbal communication is also vital.

At my secondary school, the headmistress appointed me as a school ambassador. Amongst other responsibilities, it involved acting as a role model and working with younger students through paired reading and a gymnastics club; this helped me to improve my communication and leadership skills.

I continued helping younger students at sixth form through paired numeracy, which taught me how to explain things effectively. Recently, I led a group of younger students and gave tours at the school open day. When I helped fill a shipping crate with supplies for a university in Africa, we had to work in a team to move many of the objects.

My work experience taught me that a good work-life balance is vital for a career in medicine. I have danced for fourteen years and I’m now working towards my first star in freestyle and second gold bar in ballroom and latin. After being a girl guide for twelve years, I’ve begun helping at a brownie group where I organise and lead activities. In my spare time, I am an avid reader and enjoy spending time with my friends.

I’ve strived to gain experience communicating with all types of people and in doing so I have learnt that I’m a caring person who can both work in and lead a team. My commitment to my school work, hobbies and friends show that I have good time management skills and these are the qualities you need to make an effective contribution to the medical profession.

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Medicine at University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Newcastle - interview - offer
Leicester - interview - offer
Leeds - rejection
Nottingham - rejection

I find reading this really embarrassing now :P But I hope it helps someone! x


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