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Life as an A-level student has brought challenges and rewards that I feel have enhanced and added volumes of positive input to my character. I am a cheerful, enthusiastic and caring member of Ponteland Sixth Form College, with a burning drive to strive forward on a continuous journey of self-improvement.

Every time I reach a new peak, I see another and want to climb it. I have an unstoppable momentum and I dont think Ill ever stop.

My passion for science led me to take Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics to A-level, all of which I find very demanding.

Basic queries I had about how my body works and how it relates to the world around us are answered in Biology and Chemistry. I find that quite often it is the most mundane action of our bodies, such as the heartbeat, that turns out to be the most profound and complicated.

The certainty and logic attached to Mathematics complement these subjects by providing models by which to explain scientific situations. Persistence and a strong work ethic have enabled me to achieve top grades in Mathematics which is certainly my most challenging subject.

Amongst the pressures from these intense science-orientated A-levels, I made sure that I indulged in an art that I thoroughly enjoyed - English Literature.

Alongside the prescribed texts, I enjoy reading books suited to y own taste, from the beautiful and profound “The Man That Fell In Love With The Moon," to delightfully frivolous celebrity autobiographies. I find these entirely different genres of text quench my thirst for a broad spectrum of literature.

Being a keen member of my sixth form charity committee has allowed me to give something back to the community through fund raising events for charities such as the NSPCC and Children in Need.

I worked as a ward assistant at Saint Oswalds Hospice caring for terminally ill patients and helped out at my local community first school teaching basic IT skills to Year One students.

These voluntary jobs encouraged me to develop a stronger sense of my responsibility for other people. Further to enhance my ability to reach out and help others, I attended a first aid course last autumn in which I achieved a Young Lifesavers Plus award.

Outside of college, I enjoy keeping healthy and active through a daily exercise routine combined with periodic runs with my two dogs, gym visits and tae kwon-do classes.

At times of great stress, I find that exercise can be remarkably therapeutic physically, emotionally and mentally. I enjoy travel immensely and last year trekked across East America, staying with friends and family along the way.

To further my appreciation of different languages, I took up Spanish and Italian lessons last year and achieved two post-16 awards. I have also began to learn Mandarin once a week.

My work experience was at the Institute of Human Genetics in Newcastle where I helped with the CAPP studies. I learned about the way in which gene technology is helping treat people with serious illnesses.

I was fascinated by the trials and it was at this moment that the elusive "Eureka Moment" struck me and I began to see medicine as a serious career choice for myself. I see it as a great challenge, another great peak to climb, and I look forward to a positive enjoyable and prosperous university life.

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This personal statement was written by tcdlewis for application in 2001.

tcdlewis's Comments

Looking back over this makes me cringe but it got me into the courses I applied for (UCL, Imperial, Kings, Manchester) and for interview at Cambridge... but my interview made sure I wasnt given an offer :-S. I hope this is useful to some people. I personally would have thrown it in the bin.


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hi , i liked how you started

hi , i liked how you started the ps with the climbing mountain and ended with it too ... i noticed you havent done much work experience ... i hav the same problem andi was told that there no decent medical university would except me without it ... how many offers did u get?

I got into all but Cambridge.

I got into all but Cambridge. Work experience is important, but as long as you can justify why you dont have much - i.e. I tried many hospitals but couldnt get any - then I think it's ok

Do you mind if I ask what

Do you mind if I ask what grades you got at GCSE and A level?...I fear mine may not be up to scratch


Hi. I think your personal statement is great. You should be proud of it!!! It tells me how determined you are, and having less experience has actually made the statement quite clear and you`ve explained every points in detail.
I`ve done so many work experience (mostly caring experience) that I can`t explain all in detail! It`s very annoying and I`m sure it`s going to confuse the reader! Also, I had to delete a lot of my personal statement in order to make it fit 4000 character, so I don`t have a proper ending...

Congratulation for the offer in UCL, king`s, Manchester and imperial.
About Cambridge, have you asked the university admission why you did not get the offer?

Is that true that UCL, Cambridge and king`s etc prefer scientific experience rather than caring experience???

Have you done the BMAT and

Have you done the BMAT and UKCAT?
How was it?

How do you register for BMAT?

this is by far the most

this is by far the most diabolical piece of writing i have ever did you have the courage to apply for medicine with a poor statement like this? you must have had unimaginably superb references, grades, interviews and UKCAT/BMAT scores

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