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A hungry intrigue about science and an intrinsic yearning to have a positive impact on health standards in my community have compelled me towards the challenges and pressures of studying medicine.

Having observed the commitment and dedication that my father devotes to his role asa gynaecologist, I am aware of and prepared for the demands and the intensity that a career inmedicine will entail.

To reinforce this awareness, I am currently spending about twenty hours a week on a long term work placement at Seychelles' National Hospital.

So far I have shadowed doctors in Obstetrics and Gynaecology as well as Radiology and Neurology.

Following a gynaecologist through his ward rounds taught me the importance of a warm and sympathetic manner as the doctor greatly alleviated a patient's concerns regarding a planned caesarean to deliver twins.It was gratifying to talk to this patient myself and to feel involved in comforting her.

Another valuable experience was in observing a CT and MRI scan as a neurologist and radiologist attempted to locate a hyperintense lesion in the brain. The patient was suffering recurrent vomiting, dizziness and headaches: the signs of a brain tumour. This emphasised to me the value of advances in technology in saving lives.

The concept of progress was also a source of curiosity during my physics course, in which I found particularly engaging the use of medical imaging for effective diagnosis.

In chemistry, drug design was an alluring topic as I appreciated the precision involved in creating a new drug compound and the difficulties in minimizing side effects.

The development of computer-aided drug design has enabled chemists to optimize the performance of new drugs and predict side effects more accurately, and I am eager to be at the forefront of these advances and research. Before a drug can be commercially available, it needs to be tested thoroughly and this contributes to a significant ethical debate about the use of animal testing.

At school, I have taken part in such a debate as well as one on the morality of abortion and I am keen on continuing to develop and argue my views on medical-related issues at university.

In addition to my enjoyment of debating, I have enhanced my ability to communicate effectively through volunteering for my school's Assist Program, in which I supported younger students with reading and arithmetic. Building relationships with these students allowed me to empathise with their difficulties and witness their gradual improvement.

I was able to gain a similar sense of satisfaction when effective communication again led to tangible results during my two week work attachment at the head branch of Barclays Bank.

Working as part of a team in a project to improve customer service, I was in a client-facing role, collating and analysing feedback to meet deadlines. It was rewarding when our team's findings resulted in the company implementing positive changes, demonstrating the value of the pressures and challenges that we faced.

Team work is also a significant part of my sporting commitments, including playing football matches twice a week and participating in team tournaments in golf.

In addition, I compete individually at a national level in golf, having won the Seychelles' Junior Golfer of the Year Award twice. I find that these sports help me to manage the stress of daily life and feel that football is a sport I especially enjoy playing at a social level.

Medicine requires discipline and dedication; I believe that through sport, my academic record and my work experience I have confirmed that I possess these qualities.

I am aware of the mental strain and the relentless hard work that will be necessary. My love for science and my compassionate nature gift me with the dreams of becoming a superb doctor.

A career in medicine would be a constant source of fascination to my enthusiastic mind and my excitement towards learning drives me to pursue this honourable profession.

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This personal statement was written by Maarej for application in 2014.


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