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Having always been fascinated by science, and I chose to pursue this interest by studying biology at university. Before starting my degree, I took a gap year travelling through central and southern Africa.

There I realised the scale and horror of the AIDS pandemic, became interested in healthcare, and considered more carefully how I might become involved. I have since returned to Malawi with sponsorship to examine attitudes towards sexual health.

Here I inevitably became involved with individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS - the youngest just months old. Experiencing the personal consequences of disease in this way confirmed my resolve to study medicine.

Once at university, I sought to gain experience in a more orthodox healthcare setting by spending time with my GP and in a hospital oncology department.

In the latter I worked with porters, administrators, nurses and radiographers as well as observing some consultations.

Watching these people work together taught me that good patient care is driven by empathy, hard work and, above all, a sense of humour. Impressed by the hospital atmosphere I returned as a volunteer in orthopaedics and later as a surgical orderly in gynaecology.

My duties included cleaning up after operations, moving patients and taking them to and from theatre.

While in this job, some of the surgeons were kind enough to let me join them in theatre, in clinic and on ward rounds.

This helped me appreciate just how hard doctors actually work and some of the extraordinary pressures to which they are exposed.

On a more practical level my work as a firstaider with St John Ambulance has increased my confidence in taking responsibility for casualties - typically those suffering minor lacerations, fainting and falls. I have also worked at a disabled riding school and at a school for disabled children.

These roles opened my mind to disability and inspired me to begin evening classes in sign language.

My appetite for learning also accommodates extracurricular classes in German and Spanish which I enjoy in addition to working towards an A-level in Chemistry. These interests demand self discipline and have greatly improved my ability to manage time effectively.

Away from the books my weekends are spent with the Territorial Army. As an Officer Cadet, the TA has vastly improved my confidence and ability to work as part of a team under pressure.

Although challenging, army weekends are extremely rewarding and provide many opportunities to relax and socialise. To meet the demands of the TA I keep fit by lifting weights, swimming and fencing.

As a keen traveller I have visited twenty six countries since leaving school. To fund these trips I have worked as a door-to-door salesman in America and have hitchhiked across Europe to reach northern Africa.

In testing my communication skills, these experiences have taught me much about establishing rapport with strangers in challenging situations.

These travels have taken me to some extreme and potentially dangerous destinations. More than once I have been rescued from disaster by complete strangers who stood to gain nothing from helping me. This has taught me that the common language of people everywhere is essentially kindness and compassion.

These values are intrinsic in the role of the physician and are the reason I cannot imagine committing to any other profession.

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This personal statement was written by ThePeer for application in 2005.

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This statement makes me cringe now but it did earn a place at medical school. I am not sure why so many people are convinced it is fake. It was written after a gap year and two years of university which is plenty of time to travel and collect work experience. Good luck everyone!


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the last paragraph is amazing

the last paragraph is amazing

well-rounded statement

well-rounded statement

like the last paragraph

nt enuf work experience though...

wow. that was a good

wow. that was a good



I wish I could write this

I wish I could write this statement


I hope you never forget what you wrote here :)
some doctors are ruthless money-grabbers.
obviously not you, we need more people like you in the profession!

very good, but overly

very good, but overly sentimental

this is completely overblown.

this is completely overblown. i think the only thing this person did not write down what they did was have cancer aged five or that they now walk with a wooden leg while helping out Rabbit AID's victims.


This personal statement is just amazing... I felt very identified when I read this issue. It would be a pleasure if I could have a chat with you one day. My email is


i think that this is amazing. I really hope you get that place. applying for my medical course this year and this have been an eye opener that i can include things that have happened to me (used to live in africa for 14 years) i thought that my experiences would be irrelevant seeing that this is a different country ~(u.k_) thanx

Wow. It's amazing the things

Wow. It's amazing the things you've done...definitely impressive.

It's quite good, but it seems

It's quite good, but it seems a bit long? Plus it seemed a bit over-emphasised at times.

anyone who has been negative

anyone who has been negative about this personal statement is obviously just a wee bit jealous hellooo??READ OVER it includes everything and the author has obv had a v fulfilled life so far congratulations!

Something makes me think this

Something makes me think this statement is fake...

no way!

so u had a job in America, were in the army, had time to work in disabled schools n hospitals, travelled around the world, completed a bio degree and did charity work helping ppl with AIDS in old are u?

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i thought that this was great

i thought that this was great....and so funny that you had done south western too!!!


A fantastic statement, you're very lucky to have had all those opportunities but unless a door to door saleman suddenly pays in gold there's no way you could have funded all of that.

spelling mistake on

spelling mistake on gynecology

i agree with that first

i agree with that first comment.REALLY nice way to end it.


Top quality. :D

Its good but .....

Its very good and has an immpressive ammount of life experience and voluntary work, however considering the applicant had already completed A levels, a gap year and a degree he/she must be at least 22.

Its Very good but could have been worded differently, however it did the job and got him/her into medical school.

This is a very good ps!

This is a very good ps! unlike most people I will be competing for the places with, I am 22 years old, choosing to take some years off to see the world before making the decition of my life - the one about my profession. Therefore, I feel more inspired by your sample than anyone else, being relieved that there are others like me who got accepted (because I am sure you did, this is a piece of excellent work). Thanks and good luck with everything

Hi hun great personal st8ment

Hi hun great personal st8ment. Jus a question-hw do unis knw ur nt lying abt work expperience, ne1 can easily mk it up!!
feedbk needed!!!

wow the end is Fabulous!

wow the end is Fabulous!

If you can make enough money

If you can make enough money to travel to 26 countries in 3 years as a door-to-door salesman, why to you even want to go into medicine?

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