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Medicine Personal Statement

Ever since year 7 biology class where students were given the opportunity to discuss and examine frog cadavers I have been fascinated with anatomy, physiology and medicine.

This passion for medicine led me to college in order to study the sciences with a view to progress into a medical profession, however at the time I was unsure which medical field I wished to join, but like most teenagers I decided that I would figure out the finer details when the time came.

While at a college a close friend and I had a conversation, he told me that he was leaving college in order to join the Royal Navy as a Medic. As he told me about the medical training and the opportunities to travel I made almost an instant decision that this was something that I wanted to become.

Fast forward 6 months later to December 2005 and I had started training to become a Medic in the Royal Navy. My passion and enthusiasm towards medicine and biology shone through during my training with me gaining top overall marks in my class of 40 tri-service medics by the time we qualified in 2007.

The dedication, determination and competency that I have demonstrated throughout my 9-year career as a Medic has be described as exemplary. I deployed in various roles on operations and back in the UK. I provided first line medical cover in Norway, which I received a Commanding Officers Commendation for my actions.

In 2009 and 2013 I deployed on two arduous tours of Afghanistan. It was on these tours that I developed my clinical skills and emergency trauma skills to a high standard and, as a result was widely respected within the Medic community. For my actions on these tours I received a promotion and a second Commanding Officers Commendation.

Not only was I able to develop my clinical skills to a high standard over this period, but I also forged an incredibly adaptive "can do" attitude, as I was constantly facing extremely adverse conditions in one of the most dangerous places on the planet. This attitude has never diminished since returning. I pride myself on giving 100% in everything I do, be that personally, professionally and academically.

Because of my inquisitive nature and desire to increase my medical knowledge I decided to become a Naval Nurse, although being a medic was an incredibly rewarding job, clinically and academically I was not being challenged enough. After passing my nursing interview in March 2014, I was offered a place at the Defence School of Health Care Education (DSHE) which was located at Birmingham City University (BCU).

During my time at BCU I excelled academically and while on placement, achieving an average exam result of 85%, consistently receiving good feedback from mentors and receiving the Eliza Mkenzie award for being the highest achieving military student.

I have made the hard decision to leave the military after 12 years of service. Nursing has allowed me expand on my previous medical knowledge, however I feel that I have a great deal more to offer academically than what was required on this course.

I have been aware of the Physicians Associate role for a number of years and have and have worked alongside them while on placement. I was always incredibly impressed with their knowledge and dedication to their patients. Their ability to adapt to varying clinical situations and specialities was exceptional.

I have been thinking about the possibility of becoming a PA since the end of my first year of nursing and now feel in the position where I am confident that I would make an outstanding PA and be an asset to the profession.

In my spare time I enjoy road cycling, which I have represented the Navy at cycling events on several occasions. I also attend regular gym circuits and am a keen runner. I pride myself on my personal fitness and feel that in order to maintain a high level of care I must be fit, healthy and happy. I also keep up-to-date with current medical advances by routinely reading numerous journals.

I wish to attend Newcastle University as it has a reputation of delivering one of the best PA courses in the country and I feel I represent Newcastle’s principles and values in abundance and would be extremely humbled and pleased to gain a place on the Newcastle PA course.

In summary, I am an incredibly hard working, loyal individual who, through my career has consistently proven that I can achieve extremely high standards in very demanding situations, but at the same time I am a very caring compassionate individual who will always go above and beyond what is expected of me in order to benefit people who are under my care.

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