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From an early age I have been fascinated by the workings of life. The human body is a remarkable machine with many diverse systems producing an organism that could never be artificially reproduced.

My love of science is just one of my reasons for choosing medicine. I enjoy a challenge particularly towards a rewarding objective and although medicine is a tough career it can be enormously gratifying, highlighted by the doctors I have spoken to during my experience and on a personal level.

To further my insight into the medical field I participated in a work shadowing week at a GP surgery.

I gained a valuable understanding of the workings of the surgery, with opportunities to observe and speak to the doctors regarding a medical career.

I arranged another placement week myself at a local hospital, which was a superb opportunity to observe medicine from another point of view.

I observed the ward rounds, an MRI scan, a skin biopsy and an endosocpy clinic all which I found interesting.

I spent the most time with the haematology team, responsible for patients with diseases such as Chronic Myelogenous Leukaemia (CML), haematology being one of my interests it was captivating that I could see the specialty from a more complex side than the AS biology course. For example I was able to understand how the level of platelets affects blood clotting.

Throughout the week I expanded my confidence and communication skills through speaking to patients and doctors.

Although I enjoyed the week it was at times extremely heart-rending, I was able to get close to many of the terminally ill patients helping and caring for them where I could, getting them tea or just talking and empathising with them to build their spirits.

I volunteered at a local home for the elderly which was very rewarding as I built my caring skills, helping residents by making them tea or playing cards with them.

At school I took part in a paired reading scheme for 6 months where I was able to help young children to read, speaking and listening to them to help their English. All my experience has made me more determined to accomplish my ambition to be a doctor.

My love of science and aspiration for a medical career is reflected in my A-Level choices where good time management, self motivated study skills and ability to cope with stress and pressure are essential.

Biology and chemistry have helped me further my interest and develop my analytical skills, maths helps my problem solving skills helping me to work logically and ICT gives me a valuable insight into the rapidly developing technological world where computers are crucial.

I believe all the qualities I have developed through my courses are essential for any good doctor.

I have participated in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme which enabled me to achieve a first aid certificate including cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. I also enhanced my inter-personal, communication and team building abilities, valuable skills for any medical occupation, as I witnessed during my experience.

For 2 years I have volunteered at a local vet hospital observing and helping out 2 hours per week communicating with the public in a different environment. I enjoy reading, mainly factual books to expand my general knowledge.

To relax, I enjoy sports including football, and cricket for which I was captain of the school team and my local team for the past 3 years improving my leadership skills.

I also recently rekindled my childhood passion for golf, another pastime I enjoy even if it is a little expensive!

I am a self motivated, determined individual and I look forward to the social and academic challenges of university.

I am aware of the demands of a medical career but my commitment and desire to become a doctor has only been strengthened through my experience and work in a voluntary capacity.

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A word of warning.

A very nicely written personal statement. A word of warning for people sourcing the best way to write a personal statement tho'. Medical School Selection boards regularly do what you are doing i.e. look at the internet to see what is out there! Taking great chunks of example statements and only changing the odd word or two makes for very boring reading.... and that is what so many people are doing !
I have just ploughed my way through 100s of applications that could all have been written by the same person and it was tedious in the extreem. So come on, lets have a little originality and stop going for the transparrent easy option!!!


OMG! i swear i am in love with ur profile- its perfect! the statement demonstrates you being a perfect person for a doctor! congradulations!

I didn't read the whole thing

I didn't read the whole thing I'm sure it was good. However, there were some spelling errors so for those of you who copied it I hope you used spell check. i.e. hematology and leukemia


The spelling is fine. The author is not using simplified American English.

hi for my medicine statement

hi for my medicine statement should i inlcude more work experience stuff and what ive learnt from it to make me suitable to medicine. Also, how do i sell myself and make myself sound passionate fot medicine.

This is a good statement.I

This is a good statement.I really love it. Can you help me? Not for statement. This is my email id
hope to write from you soon.Thank





very good.

hy i am having a problem

hy i am having a problem writing a UCAS personal statement for medicine i read yours and its really great.seriously i really need some e mail address is

Quite substandard yet convincing in a sense.

Hello, I have read your statement and although many readers have described your PS as excellent, I would otherwise disagree. My reasoning is posted below, and although they may not be perfectly correct they're my suggestions and nothing else.
Your PS seems verbose and the language you have used is somewhat unprofessional in this type of writing. For example, you use "workings" and "observe" one too many times. I would have suggested other similar words.
In paragraph 2, omit "myself." Becareful with your spelling, is "endoscopy" mispelled? Use "perspective" to replace "med. from another point of view." Replace "I could see the specialty.." with "I was able to see..complex angle/perspective.."
-"get close" --> improve my relationships
-"getting them tea" --> preparing tea for the patients
-"or just talking or empathising w/ them to build their spirits"--> or simply conversing with the patients to improve their spirits (somewhat of a generalization that all the patients needed an uplifting?)
-"At school" --> During school..
-"All my experience.."-->"All of my experiences (plural, you had more than one).
I did not proofread the remaining of your PS but I do believe it could also use some improvement. I do not claim to be an expert--I only wanted to provide my suggestions.

That was magnificient... Very

That was magnificient... Very inspiring..
You could change the mind of a̶̲̥̅ typical art student to science...

Offers to which Universities

This is a very interesting personal statement. What offers were made by which universities? & what grades did you get for your A-levels?

omg this is AMAZING!!

omg this is AMAZING!!
Erm Daveo what grades did you get to get accepted :)


Just to say its way over 6000 characters! how could this of been your personal statement? secondly its a little frutiy don't you think?

calpol tastes really nice

calpol tastes really nice

its too good to be true,

its too good to be true, unless you are over 25 years old when you right this its impossible to get all this experience with such a young age




Although this personal statement is not any where near related to what I am aspiring to do.. it is brilliant!! You must have spent ages writing it, but worth it defo!! This has helped me with the structure and detail in which I can now use in my own Personal Statement.. Thanks :)

Distinctly ordinary vocab and

Distinctly ordinary vocab and grammar throughout. A boring read and lacking in any passion whatsoever. Most troubling are the comments praising the 'flow', of which a blocked septic tank has more.. 6/10

Brilliant. Just Brilliant!

I am applying for medicine right now and have been doing all the research required for the PS. This has been incredibly helpful, Thanks. To all the people who have anything bad to say, they are jealous. So am I. Well done.


really good statment dude!! it really helped me structure mine!! :D

personal atatement

the personal statement above was very well written, proffessionally, guess i needa lot of advice writting mine xxlolxx

(No subject)

wow your personal statement

wow your personal statement was are so lucky..thanks so much for your help..good luck in the future..


i think this is a good statement

nice!! : )

wow that was a really good personal statement. im 15 and i really want to become a doctor because its a worth while career and my whole family is practicaly made up of people who work in the ER. so i guess im just carrying on the tradition. ps, what kind of doc are you??

Nice work man keep it up

Nice work man keep it up

Structuring the statement

Wow. Fantastic I partly used your statement to structure mine and I also used the free blueprint on

Worked a charm, thanks for posting!



absolutely amazing! mann now i need to write a personal statement as good as this!

Wow, did you use the same trick I did?

An amazing statement. I used to review my statement. I must say they got it sounding pretty sharp pretty quickly. Reading your statement I was wondering whether you did the same?



-nerd wannabe-

How I wish I could do medicine can you please help me attain my ambitions.


concentrate on school life kiddo.

I would have given this a 5

I would have given this a 5 star :)

I would have given this a 5

I would have given this a 5 star :)

Thank you very much! This has

Thank you very much! This has helped me :DD

This is a brilliant personal

This is a brilliant personal statement, you should be very proud of your writing and structural skills; how do you manage to make it flow so well!?

p.s. how is the medicine course? i am thinking of studying medicine myself and would love someones personal experiences to inform me on how the course really is. Please reply!


This is a brilliant personal

This is a brilliant personal statement, you should be very proud of your writing and structural skills; how do you manage to make it flow so well!?

p.s. how is the medicine course? i am thinking of studying medicine myself and would love someones personal experiences to inform me on how the course really is. Please reply!






really good i only wish that

really good i only wish that i could write as good as that

well written PS

i also think the language could have been a bit more formal because this is for your formal applications. i think a PS not only for one to explain why they want a course, but also prove that they are the right candidate, they have the personality or character for what it takes. from your PS, it is evident that you have potential of being a great doctor, you are really willing to do whatever it takes and any patient would probably want a doctor like you to take care of them.

this is very beneficial

this is very beneficial thanks so much, i am on my way to oxbridge!!!!

hey courtney xOxO

hey courtney xOxO




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