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I became interested in marketing while studying economics last year. Now I believe marketing is an essential activity for any kind of company, whether big or small. Companies should be familiar with their customers and know which are the best ways to offer their products. A lot of shops open in my town without prioritising market research, and most of them end up bankrupt. According to a survey by the Spanish Ministry of Labour presented last December, this has exacerbated our economic issues in Spain, so I would like to study marketing to facilitate market research in my country.

Last year, my economics teacher introduced me to the marketing world. Since we just spent a few classes on this topic I started to delve deeper into the subject on my own by reading outside the curriculum. Permission Marketing was a book that turned out to be interesting for its ideas about how entrepreneurs can attract consumers to a new product. Other books proved worthwhile even though I challenged their ideas. How Customers Think was worth reading for me, while sometimes it does not connect its theories with its examples properly.

Magazines such as Target Marketing and Advertising Age have taught me the importance of web search engines for the visibility of a company nowadays. All this new knowledge has added to my curiosity for other subjects. For instance, I have applied what I learnt about the consumer behaviour to a recent psychology project about consumer buying decision process. This helped me to get a nine out of ten last term in this subject, which I expect to complete with honors this year. I don't think this is going to be difficult for me since my enthusiasm led me to receive honors last year in economics, as well as in philosophy and in sciences for the contemporary world.

Throughout my trips around Europe I have always been drawn to learning about other cultures and customs, so I see studying in the UK as an exceptional opportunity for personal growth. I appreciate the UK's long democratic tradition, as well as its history in different fields of art, and I would love to broaden my view of the world by interacting with British professors and peers. Employers value this perspective highly in Spain, which could benefit my future professional career.

Even though I expect challenges to come with studying abroad, I think I have demostrated how I would cope with difficult situations. I have participated in the theater group for the last three years. As most plays aren't one-man shows this experience taught me to be part of a team. For example, last year we had to know the moves of every other person in the scene exactly because the play had a lot of movement and interaction between characters.

I always try to be demanding with myself, even when my role is small, because I know that every detail is important. I learnt to face periods of time with a lot of rehearsals and performances in
the middle of exam periods. To keep my marks high while focusing on theater I have had to make sacrifices, such as prioritizing theater over tennis. Our effort came with significant rewards in 2014, as we came second in the most important academic theater contest in Spain.

Apart from school activities I love to hike, run, cycle and spend time in nature. This motivated me to create a community service group with my friends in my town to maintain our rich local forest. We collect more than fifteen garabage bags of litter every Friday, leading the mayor of my town to officially recognize our endeavour in November.

With this degree, I hope to expand my knowledge of marketing in all its different areas, and return to Spain a well-educated marketer. But who knows what additional rewards could come from opening my mind to other cultures?

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I applied in Bath, Edinburgh, Exeter, Lancaster and Newcastle. I received conditional offers from all of them, except for Edinburgh. Finally I chose as my first option Newcastle and received an unconditional offer.


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