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After graduating from a bilingual business school it was clear to me that I would like to study in English. Soon after I started to inform myself about potential places to study I found that the UK is the perfect choice as it is well known for its higher educational system. In addition, my previous one-month-stay in the UK showed me that I would feel very comfortable studying in such an environment.

However, it is not only the educational system, but also the students’ involvement in university life, which is much greater than in any Austrian university, that convinced me to study in the UK.

As I have enjoyed a bilingual business education I am very confident that I will be able to successfully finish any courses. Furthermore I have passed the Cambridge BEC Higher exam with grade B. After two years of general business education I decided to concentrate on marketing, which introduced me to many topics such as the marketing mix, customer buying behaviour and market research.

As this was one of the most interesting courses during my whole education I am very eager to study marketing in greater depth. One of the main attractions of marketing is that it pervades all areas of business which opens up many attractive possibilities for marketing managers.

Moreover, during my 3 year marketing course I found that marketing is one of the business-related subjects that allows much scope for creativity which is very important to me. Additionally, marketing offers the great opportunity to get in contact with customers as it is an important link between the company and its customers.

During my last year of school I had to create a marketing project in cooperation with an Austrian company.

My colleagues and I worked together with the Austrian American Football Federation to popularize this sport in Austria.

I have been lucky to have had the chance to prove my leadership qualities in this project, as I was chosen to be the team leader. It was not only my responsibility to organize the co-operation between the team and the project partner, but also to motivate my colleagues and keep the work going.

While working on the project, I showed my capability of working successfully in a team as well as on my own. The project was written completely in English and was eventually presented in front of an audience of more than 50 people.

I consider myself to be a very ambitious and determined person. One of my mottoes is that anything is possible as long as your will is strong enough. I experienced this not only in class, when I changed from a quite unsuccessful student into a good one, but also in sports. This leads me to my favourite hobby. Since 2008 I play for a local American football team.

Practicing and playing together with this team taught me many important aspects for my life, among others discipline, team spirit and especially to always try to go for your limits.

Since I love this sport I will most likely join a football team in the UK, too. Beside sports, I love being creative, either on the computer with graphics editing programs or traditionally by drawing pictures, for instance for my school’s newspaper. Moreover I enjoy reading books, either in German, English or French and I regularly visit online newspapers to stay informed.

As I see myself as an outgoing and open-minded person I love to travel and make contact with people from different cultures.

I am a reliable, motivated and enthusiastic person and I think that I will contribute positively to university life.

In addition I am confident that I have the qualities needed to successfully study in the UK. By studying marketing I will get the chance to find a job I really enjoy, which is the most important step for my future life. Thus I am ready for this challenge and greatly looking forward to university.

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