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I am fascinated with the way the Fashion Marketing industry has such a strong influence over society’s choice of styling, and how it can influence current and future trends through different channels.

With the recent instability brought about by the recession, it has been intriguing to see the adaptable strategies required by retailers to maintain positive exposure in a volatile economy, which has only served to heighten my interest in this field.

Fashion is something that never fails to captivate me. It is an ever changing cycle that uses influences from a previous era, modifies them and creates something new. An example is one of my favourite trends; the Androgynous look. This has been apparent since the 1920’s but only recently has men’s tailoring dominated the runway.

Since Autumn/Winter 2011 designers such as Yves Saint Laurent have led the trend with tailored trousers, tuxedo jackets and brogues for women. Spring 2012 is set to see the return of flared jeans and trousers from the 1970’s. Clothing is no longer just a commodity. Fashion has evolved into an expression of personality; it gives a sense of belonging within a group and defines people’s cultures.

My initial interest in Fashion and Marketing began when I worked in a clothing department of a major retailer. I particularly enjoyed the visual merchandising of new stock for each seasonal change, promoting the new range, and making it more aesthetically stimulating to the consumers.

I developed a basic understanding of how a business attracts its customers, distributes its product and uses promotions to increase revenue. The role also provided me with essential customer service skills.

I continued with marketing projects while at University, working for a national promotions company publicising events. I regularly varied my marketing strategies to maintain a high level of attendance at the events and constantly attract new customers.

I have previously embarked on a degree in Criminology. While I learnt valuable lessons about time management and organisation from this experience, I felt it was not the career path for me and ceased my studies after two years.

Since then, I have acquired much life experience through traveling and working in new industries, which has given me the maturity and aptitude to take on the responsibility of combining employment and higher education.

At present I am working as a Flight Attendant working within a large team. The role requires adaptability and quick thinking to meet the needs of the customers. I am often required to work long, unsociable hours whilst maintaining high levels of safety and customer satisfaction.

A significant portion of my role is performance related meeting daily targets. Sales techniques are a mandatory skill and some of the techniques I use include; public announcements, link selling items and the use of displays.

Although I enjoy working as a flight attendant, career progression is limited, and most importantly, it does not allow me to focus on my interest in the fashion industry.

I am due to start the e-learning short course ‘An Introduction to Fashion Marketing’ also offered by the London College of Fashion in April.

This will give me invaluable knowledge into understanding fashion marketing, research, branding and distribution. I am keen to develop an insight into further techniques, particularly those specific to fashion, that take into account a range of target audiences.

I have carefully considered the elements of time and finance required at this stage and I am willing to commit fully to academic life in order to fulfill my ambition.

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This personal statement was written by ellkay_bee for application in 2011.

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I only applied to the London College of Fashion and I was offered an unconditional offer.


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