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"Hollie, why do you always look at what people are wearing?" was something my mother said to me in my early teens, and she was right.

To me, fashion is body language. It is a non-verbal form of communication showing a lot about the wearer to the observer. The most enticing aspect of studying a fashion related course is that fashion blossoms on the unexpected.

Developing new ideas in relation to this global industry's future, from how a business best communicates with its consumer or its environmental and cultural concerns, is something that I am whole heartedly interested in. The opportunity of combining my interest in fashion products with management and marketing skills really excites me.

Currently I think some aspects of fashion, like branding, are working with a lack of flexibility and have fallen behind where they could be. In an industry as fast paced as this one the engagement of brand to consumer is critical and adding value to the consumer, along with sustainability, is what I would like to improve.

With over a year of work experience at "Claire's", as a sales assistant, I have gained invaluable fashion retail environment experience and I know that is where I want to be. In "Claire's" I am constantly communicating with and promoting product lines to customers.

This has improved my confidence and interpersonal skills. Visual merchandising has allowed me to advance my creativity and my time management skills through meeting deadlines and has emphasised my attention to detail. I am also responsible for daily statistics reports in which I analyse consumer behaviour, product information and net sales.

This has engaged me into understanding the financial aspect of the business, challenges me to think in a logical and critical manner and continually drives me to meet and surpass targets. Within school, I have been chosen by the teachers and pupils as 'Deputy Head of House' because of my participation in a variety of House events.

This role has added to my organisational and team working skills greatly as I am expected to organise and manage 'House Events' months prior and to communicate with, as well as lead, a large group of people. In addition, my involvement in the Community Service Group involves me presenting information to the rest of the school and being inventive on how to do so.

My study of English has improved my understanding of written and verbal communication and allows me to be creative and innovative.

Undertaking Business Studies at A-level has cemented my desire for a career in marketing management. In particular, I liked the modules about marketing where I learnt about the marketing mix and different marketing plans and strategies.

Also a module called "Principles of Management and Leadership" was one I thoroughly enjoyed where I learnt about effective management in different situations and how to motivate staff. My study of history requires me to compare the effect that the past has had on present situations whilst also considering the perspectives of others.

All of these skills are transferable to the course and will stand me in good stead for life at university. Outside school my main interests are blogging and reading about current fashion trends, as it enables me to be creative and express ideas, which I believe will allow me to enhance the course and which I love to do!

Having been to international fashion capitals such as New York, Paris and London I have also developed a desire to travel, as I can see many different cultures and perceptions of fashion in different countries.

I am eager to participate fully in all aspects of university life from social to academic and relish the opportunity to turn the enthusiasm I have for this field into a full time career, hopefully in fashion marketing.

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This personal statement was written by hollieirwin19 for application in 2014.

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I have received all my conditional offers.
Nottingham Trent University: Fashion Management BA Hon
Nottingham Trent University: Fashion Marketing BA Hon
Northampton University: Fashion Marketing BA Hon
Southampton University: Fashion Marketing/Management BA Hon
Heriot Watt University: Fashion Marketing and Retailing BA Hon


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