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Fashion, essentially, is seen as a means for a person to express their personality and desire and it allows for one to grow and become confident.

My interest within retail, and especially fashion retail, first started growing when I became employed within my first job in the retail sector. I gained a part-time job within Primark, which I worked around my final 2 years of studies at school, however I soon left school not far into my final year due to severe health issues.

Soon after this drawback I picked myself back up and was offered full time hours within Primark with the opportunity to gain an SVQ. Sitting my SVQ not only gave me a chance to enhance my skills it also prompted me to further my studies within Retail thus applying for HND Retail Management.

Throughout my 2 years of college studying HND Retail Management, I learnt the basics of subjects such as marketing, fashion merchandising, customer care and behavioural skills.

Each module of my course has contributed to the enhancement of skills that I already gained but also allowed me to learn new ones that I can use to further my career path; prioritising, leadership and team work.

During the fashion merchandising module, I found myself being highly engrossed in the work that was being taught and putting my enthusiasm for this into the work that was due in order for me to pass.

During this module I had the task of creating a mood-board on upcoming trends for A/W 12 and I found this task highly fascinating on how designers would use simple things such as star maps and the colours found in outer space to create astounding pieces of clothing; having such enthusiasm carrying out this task I felt that this may be my calling, to pursue a career within fashion merchandising.

Throughout my course I was also part of an 'Events Management' team; a once in a lifetime opportunity as my college was the only one who provided this throughout the whole of Scotland.

The aim of this team was to hold a fashion and entertainment event in aid of charity. My role within this team was to prepare, edit and time the music being used throughout the show.

I believe that music plays a big part in fashion, allowing that creative streak to continue and strive; music has the ability, much like fashion, for one to express themselves. Having an opportunity like this in the palm of my hands, I seen it as a means to connect both fashion and music together, creating a brilliant atmosphere and more importantly, a spectacular fashion show.

My most recent job, within Select Fashion, allowed me to ensue the chance to enhance my merchandising skills. After proving to my manager that I was capable of the job, she allowed me the fortunate position to have a say in the way our clothing would be merchandised, allowing me to implement my own fashion vision that would work with current trends.

Throughout this job I gained many new qualities, such as confidence and initiative to work on something that I highly believe in. I have also had a wonderful opportunity to manage my own food and beverage bar within my cities two football clubs, with a minimum of 4 members of staff working for me at any one time.

This job has allowed me to gain supervisory skills and also allowed me to work effectively as part of a team in a busy environment.

Growing up I watched my Grandad working hard to make a success of his business'. I am inspired by his focus, determination and work ethic which has lead me to gain these qualities and work towards achieving my goals and aspirations.

He reminded me throughout difficult times that all is not lost and that if I work hard I can achieve anything. So far I have been proved right after completing my HND and finally having a clear and focussed mind on what I want to work towards.

College has helped bridge the gap between school and university and I now feel that I am confident, self-motivated and determined to reach for my goals; University being top of my list.

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This personal statement was written by carynireland for application in 2012.


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Well written! Thanks for

Well written! Thanks for sharing :)

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