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The continued self-reinvention of the fashion world,and the fast pace at which it evolves,manifests itself in the pages of our magazines,newspapers and on our computer screens.Fashion Journalism is a way of communicating the work of various designers and creatives to the world.Thus becoming the mouthpiece for an industry which holds the ability to encapsulate the voice of a whole generation,movement or emotion in a single garment or photograph.

My desire to study Fashion Journalism first arose whilst on a trip to Tokyo 3 years ago.I was intrigued by the vast diversity in Japanese styles,from the sickly sweet 'Harajuku girls' to the avant-garde,effortlessly chic style of the older fashion pack.I discovered that fashion wasn't just the latest runway look but a social expression of oneself and their surroundings. I love how you can instantly recognise where in the world you are just from the clothes people are wearing.

During my time at secondary school in Australia I was senior class captain for 2 years and a committed member of the debating and netball teams,often attending practise out of school hours.Through these extra-curricular activities I gained the ability to balance and prioritise when juggling a busy schedule.My VCE subject choices reflect my passion for writing and research,attributes essential to any successful journalist.

Working at Topshop's flagship store has confirmed my commitment to a career in fashion.Since joining them I have had the opportunity to do many exciting things and have learned invaluable skills,transferable to my chosen course.I'm due to start work experience with the Style Advisors in April where I will gain an insight into the role of a stylist,assist styling clients and learn skills essential to the role.I have also assisted in storewide preparations for London Fashion Week,and ultimately my time at Topshop has given me first-hand experience in the daily operations of the fashion retail sector.

In my spare time I enjoy attending local exhibitions around my home in Shoreditch to see the work of fresh designers,photographers and artists.I also enjoy reading a variation of literature whether it be the latest iD or Lula,a never-ending novel or a newspaper.I take a keen interest in politics and try to keep up to date with current affairs and ethical issues in the global media,an avenue which I would like to explore further within the field of fashion.

In time out between studying formally I have gained much life experience and have been able to mature personally to a point where I am ready to take on the great responsiblity that comes with university life.This gap has only served to further cement my desire to go onto higher education.I would be an asset to your university and am enthusiastic about studying Fashion Journalism and the many possible pathways it could lead me to in the future.I aspire to one day,play a major journalistic role in fashion - in an industry that emcompasses everyday life,inspires many and influences millions of people...whether they realise it or not.

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this is amazing!

thanks! i worked hard on it.

thanks! i worked hard on it.
i hope this has helped you put yours together.....

amaaaazing personal statement

amaaaazing personal statement! just makes me so scared to write mine!

I'm About to Write mine.. and

I'm About to Write mine.. and Looking At yours has helped alot But Now im Scaredd as hell to write mine!

what unis did you apply for?

what unis did you apply for? and which offers did you get back?

i applied to central saint

i applied to central saint martins and LCF.i got offers for both.theres is a selection process involved though where first you have to go for a written test and then an interview if they like your test.
I did the written test at LCF but didn't make it to interview.
And I got into CSM. Which I was happier about really,they have a better rep than LCF anyway....



absolutely amazing, they are

absolutely amazing, they are the two universities i hope to go to. what grades did you need? well done!

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