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I’ve always been in awe of fashion’s influence on society. It communicates to the world who we are and who we’d like to be. It’s the only way I can express my true self, I love how it makes me feel strong and confident. I am environmentally aware, and would love to explore new methods, trends and ideas from all over the world that have less impact, or that may inspire societal changes.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading fashion magazines like Dazed and Confused, C-Heads, Glamour, and have an extensive collection of Vogue. I also keep up to date on trends through various international fashion bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTube influencers. This has fuelled my fascination of the fashion industry behind the scenes. Knowledge of online and media fashion allow me stay on trend, and will help me in the fashion handwriting areas, and in the promotional and branding side of things.

Higher Photography has made me notice the world around me, and has helped me understand what makes something aesthetic, whether that be complimentary colours, symmetry, asymmetry, or composition. In my coursework, I had to style my model’s clothes to compliment a classic car. Art has allowed me to develop creatively by improving my drawing and painting skills. My other Higher subjects have helped me gain skills in analysis and evaluation through essay work, which will benefit me in fashion writing and communication, as I have developed a personal writing style, and can meet deadlines.

I have learnt basic sewing skills from Art at school, how to use a sewing machine from my mum, and can alter my own clothes to make them fit better. Due to this, I will have some experience for when I develop these skills further in this type of course.

I am part of my school’s Young Enterprise team, participating in the design of our product that will be sold commercially. I have been trained in the role of marketing and social media - where I have to make our product as appealing to the public as possible - but also play a strong role in creative direction. This is beneficial as it’s allowed me to hone in on my organisation and marketing skills, my ability to work within a team – letting everyone in the group input, and listening to their ideas – and to physically create a product within a specific timeframe. It has also built on my confidence to work with people I don’t know, to take charge if needed when working with others, and my ability to present an idea. I have also helped my parents develop a website for their business, and assist in running their social media accounts.

I am also in the school magazine committee. This is a small group, so I work in different areas such as design, research, writing articles, and photography. This has given me skills like being able to work together, making sure everyone is happy, improve my writing skills, and build my creativity and confidence in what I can achieve.

This year I have volunteered as a Reading Buddy, and coach an S1 who is struggling with their reading. This has increased my need to be responsible with my time. Additionally, I am an Advanced Peace Advocate, and train our Primary 7s and S5s in conflict prevention and resolution skills. I’ve also work as a baby sitter and waitress out of school. These experiences show that once I have committed to a responsibility, I go through with it, and complete the task to my best abilities.

This July, I took part in the Edinburgh Kickstart summer school, where I experienced university life in different Edinburgh universities, and what it entails, such as lectures and seminars, deadlines, student accommodation, and travelling in the city. Some of the taster courses that were featured were on artistic subjects, which has greatly reinforced my wish to study fashion, and shown that university is the place for me.

I believe I have a unique style and strong imagination. I want to learn and develop new skills. I want to be challenged. I want to make an impact. And I will do this with passion and hard work. The skills and experience these courses give will allow me to find my place in the fashion industry, so I can make my difference in the future.

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I applied to 5 non-fashion design courses: Fashion Communication and Fashion Markerting and Retailing at Heriot-Watt, Fashion Management at Robert Gordon, and International Fashion Branding and International Fashion Business at Glasgow Caledonian.
I have and unconditional for one course, interviews for two, and am yet to hear from Glasgow Caledonian.

I have been praised for how well written this personal statement is, and hope it helps others out (no plagiarism please)


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