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Fashion; to me it is an art. It is a concept that can be interpreted in various ways for each individual, which, for me makes it fascinating- everyone has a different style. For some people, self-expression is difficult, having an individual style gives these people the ability to show their personality and beliefs and this intrigues me. My interest in fashion has grown year after year through my development of expressing myself with different styles.

One era that specifically draws my attention is the 70s and I enjoy taking style concepts from that era and working them into my modern style. John Bates interests me as a designer; his popularisation of diversity of styles for women making it 'fashionable' to wear mini-skirts and trousers in the 60s culture makes him someone I look up to from a feminist point of view. I am applying to study fashion as it is something that I wish to pursue a career in as a buyer. I have a significant interest for the different cultures and eras that influence designer's work and the way marketing of fashion captivates people's attention to start trends worldwide.

My interest in fashion fuels my creativity and determination and I am excited to improve the technical skills I already have and to combine my love for fashion with knowledge of marketing and merchandising. I want to delve deeply into the fashion world, increasing my growing curiosity and knowledge. The skills I have built on my own through my profound interest in the area and my skills
developed throughout education make me the perfect candidate to take on. Through studying A levels I have learned that the most important things to maintain are attendance, attention and
independent study.

It has enabled me to gain various academic skills which will benefit my studies as a university student. Sociology is a subject I thoroughly enjoy, it has given me insight into different cultures and through topics like media I understand concepts like cultural appropriation. It is very important that we think about the reason of creating a brand/label and the way we promote, advertise and showcase it to ensure the influences from different cultures are not portrayed in an aggressive manner. We must show that we understand and respect the origins of style influences. I also enjoy the teachings of psychology, although we do not particularly focus on fashion as a topic, the things I have learnt from this subject can be linked to why individuals choose certain styles and accessories as
protection in some cultures.

Studying law has helped me develop my writing skills, researching, essay writing and revising. I am currently an employee at River Island as a sales assistant. This has helped me to build on skills of visual merchandising, time management and brand promotion. This has also helped me to improve on interacting with others and my confidence. I am working on creating my own business using the site Depop. I make and rework clothing and then sell them on this site. This has given me insight into owning a business, how to advertise products and money management.

A hobby I enjoy is morris dancing. I have been a keen dancer for 14 years and take part in competitions weekly which requires me to be very confident as I perform in front of large numbers of people. I also enjoy listening to music, attending concerts and festivals with friends in my spare time. Through my years in education I have succeeded in acquiring awards and positions to be proud of. The award I'm most proud of is 'Girl of the year'. I won this award for showing confidence and outstanding improvement as I moved up a group in dance.

At high school I was given the roles of form captain and house prefect, representing my form. I have exceeded my expectations and I feel confident that I can push myself to achieve any goals I have as a university student and throughout my career.

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I applied for a foundation year first but I recieved all my offers and all my teachers were very happy with what I had written.


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