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I have developed a keen interest in how easily society can be influenced over a substantial period. The way in which an ensemble of words or a single item of clothing can instantaneously persuade the masses never fails to intrigue me. For this reason, I have chosen to study Fashion Journalism. I first discovered my passion for Fashion Journalism some years ago, upon being swept along in the rise of Internet Journalism. Suddenly, I was faced with a new outlet for expression, beyond the conformity of the traditional. This, coupled with my love of both English Literature and Language, acted as the building blocks for my current aspirations to succeed in the Journalistic Industry.

Studying English Language at A Level has not only given me a solid knowledge of the origins of the English Language, but also the ability to establish my own style of writing through coursework pieces. Similarly, in History, I have undertaken a 3500-word written piece which is to be submitted as coursework. This has entailed numerous key skills which I feel will be beneficial when completing a degree in Fashion Journalism. Said ‘Historical Enquiry’ has meant working independently to various deadlines in order to come to a highly critical and analytical outcome. I feel that such skills are relevant when applying for a Journalism-based course as they demonstrate my ability to write coherently as well as showing a clear exploration of thorough research. My passion for writing has meant that I have utterly enjoyed working on my coursework and has proved only to further develop my time-management skills, through prioritising my workload and meeting deadlines. Upon researching into my favoured courses and pouring over relevant literature (most recently ‘The Journalist’s Handbook’ by Kim Fletcher) I have discovered that presentation plays just as significant a part in Journalism as an ability to write. In Fine Art I have developed finesse for the visual arrangement of words and imagery on a page; explored other creative outlets – such as photography and image editing – and developed my use of ICT. These subjects have helped me to develop a solid foundation of study and a wide range of related skills.

In an extra-curricular sense, I am an enthusiastic member of various school clubs. I am a long-serving and regular member of Mock Trials – where I competed as part of a team in the 2009 Bar Mock Trials Competition – as well as a contributor in the weekly Debate Club meetings. Attending such significant associations has allowed me to use my critical analysis skills as well as allowing me to write persuasively while acknowledging and appreciating the views of others. Recently, government funding has allowed St. Joseph’s Sixth Form to establish our own Journalism Club with which we compile and distribute a frequent newspaper. This exciting opportunity has allowed me to gain a formal title as ‘proofreader’ and given me a taste of what life could be like as an in-house employee.

Furthermore, I have taken it upon myself to gain experience in the field of Journalism. I recently entered the Evening Chronicle’s Young Reviewer competition which offers young people the chance to see their work published. As part of my application I submitted two 300-word reviews; reviewing Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s debut album ‘The Golden Year’ and Shane Meadow’s recent venture onto the small screen with ‘This Is England ’86.’ As well as this, I have secured a work experience placement with The Journal in February. Taking on these extra initiatives has underlined my time-management skills and helped me to review articles in a more critical manner.

My combined passion of current affairs, writing and the expression of oneself through fashion has fuelled me to also start up my own fashion blog – Androgynous Youth. The internet has played a major part in the evolution of Journalism and I felt inclined to be part of such an exhilarating development. I decided to narrow my blog down to the niche of fashion as I have always taken an interest in forthcoming trends, catwalks and fashion-related debates. Within weeks of setting up my blog, an editorial piece of mine featured on the Official OnSugar Blog as part of the ‘favourite post of the week’ section. Said editorial was a controversial piece on the ‘Size Zero’ debate and has since received over one-hundred views and appeared on several other fashion blogs as reference. As well as researching into and constructing lengthy discussions, I also regularly update my readership with short, news-based pieces, in addition to offering advice on how to wear recent trends. These experiences have given me insight into the creative industries and proven that I am committed, conscientious and aware of relevant issues, as well as helping me to cultivate my persuasive writing skills.

Throughout my life, I feel I have matured to a point where I am ready to welcome the challenges associated with attending University. My enthusiasm for writing and fashion has made me ever-the-more determined to become an asset to your University and have served only to cement my ambition to be, as Fletcher has written, ‘the eyes and the ears’ of the fashionable masses.

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This personal statement was written by gossipgirl-nicole for application in 2011.

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I hope this helps others in regards to the structure and content needed; I sure found it hard writing mine, what with the lack of examples out there for Fashion Journalism.

Please note:

UCAS Choices (as the Unis I've applied to aren't featured in Studential's List) -.-

London College of Fashion - Firm Choice
UCA Epsom - Insurance Choice
Southampton Solent - Offer Made
University of Sunderland - Offer Made
Nottingham Trent - Offer Made

Nicole x


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